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How to maintain the x ray luggage scanner?

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Committed to the development and production of high-tech products in the security inspection field, based on the security inspection needs of different industries, we provide customers with more advanced and complete security inspection system solutions. Do you know how to maintain x ray luggage scanner?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of maintain the x ray luggage scanner:

Why to maintain the x ray luggage scanner?

Points should be paid attention to maintain the X-ray baggage scanner

How to dust off the security inspection machine?


Why to maintain the x ray luggage scanner?

The life of a well-maintained X-ray baggage scanner will be several times longer than that of a baggage scanner that is not maintained. The security inspection machine is a large-scale precision instrument, and it is necessary to pay great attention to this kind of instrument, otherwise it will affect its use and performance. Therefore, the security inspector must be rigorously trained before taking up the job to be familiar with the working principle of the security inspection machine, as well as basic operating knowledge and for routine maintenance, untrained personnel are prohibited from operating the security inspection machine.

x ray luggage scanner 

Points should be paid attention to maintain the X-ray baggage scanner

X-ray baggage scanners are now popular, and we can see them at various train and subway stations. How to properly maintain and maintain in use is also a problem worthy of attention. Now I will introduce the points that should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the scanner.

1. Do not hot-plug the data transmission line at will. Generally, after the scanner is powered on, if you arbitrarily hot-plug the data transmission line of the interface, it will damage the interface of the scanner or the computer, and it will be more troublesome to replace it. Please do not do this even if you try it and no problem occurs.

2. Do not frequently plug in and out the power cord and scanner connector. In this way, frequent plugging and unplugging of the power cord and the scanner connector will cause poor contact at the connection, resulting in a circuit failure, and maintenance is very troublesome. The correct power cut should be to unplug the in-line power converter from the power socket.

3. When placing items, the positioning must be accurate once. Some types of scanners can scan small three-dimensional objects. When using these types of scanners, you should pay attention: When placing objects, they must be positioned accurately at one time. Do not move them randomly to avoid scratching the glass. Do not move objects during the scanning process.

4. Do not place objects on the scanner. Scanners take up more space, so some people are used to putting some items on the scanner. After a long time, the scanner may be deformed due to pressure and affect its use.

5. Please cut off the power when not in use for a long time. Generally, the scanner is not designed to completely cut off the power switch when not in use. When it is not used for a long time, the lamp of the scanner is still on. Since the lamp of the scanner is also a consumable, it is recommended that users cut off the power when not in use for a long time.


How to dust off the security inspection machine?

Normal maintenance work X-ray baggage scanner should be installed in a ventilated, dust-less, dry environment, avoid high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight. And there are many things to be paid attention to as well.

During maintenance, remove the dust from the equipment first, and remove the dust with a brush and vacuum cleaner.

If there is any looseness in the component or the terminal, tighten it immediately.

When the components are corroded, replace them if necessary. If the components are damaged, find out the reason, and replace the new components after troubleshooting. After the components are replaced, the relevant parameters must be adjusted before they can Normal use.

Do not allow foreign objects or liquids to enter the equipment during maintenance to prevent leakage or accidents.

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