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What is the advantages and disadvantages of walk through metal detector?

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The most widely used metal detectors are portable metal detectors and walk through metal detector. Walk-in metal detectors are increasingly being used in many places. So what are the advantages of  metal detectors? In addition to these advantages, what can be improved? Let's continue to read it.




The application is very wide. It is widely used in public areas, entertainment areas, office areas and other places where potential safety problems may occur. In any area where these detectors are used, a lot of hazards can be avoided and people can feel more secure.

The function is convenient and efficient. Since the walk through metal detector uses the principle of electromagnetic induction, when a person passing through the arch is carrying a metal object, the walk-in detector will immediately warn the security personnel to notify the detection of possible dangerous metal objects. So in terms of function, this type of detector is more convenient and efficient.

Save time. If it is a hand-held metal detector, then security personnel are required to check one by one. It takes more time and energy, and the walk through metal detector is much faster. As long as you pass directly, you can check the result in a short time. There is rarely a situation where people are blocked.

The working principle is simple and safe. The working principle of the walk through metal detector is very simple, which is to detect whether there is a metal object through the principle of electromagnetic induction. The emitted electromagnetic wave radiation is very small, just like normal electronic equipment, which is very healthy and safe for the human body. Even pregnant women can pass directly without worrying about safety issues. From this we can see that it is so safe and healthy.

Warning function. With the continuous development of technology, metal detector technology has become more and more mature. Therefore, many criminals and criminals dare not hesitate to enter with dangerous goods at will. This greatly enhances the safety of our ordinary people.

2. Disadvantages

False alarms. Walk through metal detector are subject to many other interferences, and there may be no dangerous objects in them. However, when the detector detects metal materials such as watches and small change, it will send out false alarms, which is embarrassing for security personnel and the people.

Produce interference. Because the walk-in metal detector mainly generates electromagnetic fields, it will cause electromagnetic interference to electronic equipment.

Misunderstanding. Many people still don't know. In fact, the amount of radiation emitted by metal detectors is very small, and the equipment placed in public areas is monitored by national security and will not endanger their health and personal safety at all.

In general, the advantages of walk through metal detector  are still many. And with the continuous development and progress of technology, I believe that many shortcomings will be gradually improved. In this case, its application will become more and more widespread and more and more trustworthy.

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