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Safeway System product line includes a full range of nearly 100 varieties such as security X-Ray scanner for baggage and luggages, industrial x-ray machines for food detector or needle detector, cargo and vehicle inspection system, explosives and drug detectors, dangerous liquid detectors, under vehicle surveillance system, walk through metal detector, explosive disposal devices and COVID-19 related products etc.

All the products are designed and produced by ourself, with the patents and copyrights reserved. Meanwhile, OEM and ODM services are available. We're open and capable to design and customize new products upon customers' requirements.

X-Ray Security Scanner for Baggage, Luggage and Cargo Inspection is the main produce line of our company with great advantages. Production capacity is 30 000 units annually. Quantity shipped annually is up to 10 000 units. From sizes, it can be divided into three categories: X-Ray baggage scanner(5030 to 6550, small size), X-Ray luggage scanner(8065 to 100100, medium size), large X-Ray scanners (from 100120 to 180180 for large airport pallet cargo or logistic industry). We have also one portable and mobile x-ray scanner for small handbags or suitcases, model AT2300 and AT2310. Meanwhile, we can tailor make different designs or structures, for example, we can customize x-ray machine mounted in a car or vehicle, for mobile use.

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