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  • How to maintain the x ray baggage scanner?

    How to maintain the x ray baggage scanner?When it comes to X-ray luggage scanners, I believe everyone is not unfamiliar. The use in daily life is very wide. But in the long-term use, if there is no daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, it will inevitably have such problems. So today I

  • What should be paid attention to when using x-ray baggage scanner?

    What should be paid attention to when using x-ray baggage scanner?We always see X-ray luggage scanners in public places. So how much do you know about it? What should I pay attention to during use? If you are curious and have questions about it, please continue to read it. I will briefly explain it

  • How to install x-ray baggage scanner manually?

    How to install x-ray baggage scanner manually?X-ray luggage scanners have become part of our daily lives. It can also be seen that its importance is more and more recognized by more people. But some people may not be so aware of its installation steps. So next I will briefly talk about its installat

  • How does an X-Ray Baggage Scanner Work?

    How does an X-Ray Baggage Scanner Work?Although X-ray baggage scanners are widely used, thousands of luggage are checked every day. But I believe that many people still have questions about how it works. With these questions in mind, let's read the article.Ø The workflow of X-ray baggage scanner.Ø T

  • What is x ray baggage scanner?

    what is x ray baggage scanner?We will all see a machine in bus stations, subway stations, high-speed rail stations, etc. There will always be a few staff members reminding you that all your luggage must go through this machine. This is an X-ray baggage scanner, so what exactly is a baggage scanner?

  • Singapore Exhibition in April 2019

    Safeway Inspection System Limited(Safeway System), established in 2008, formerly named Shenzhen Security Electronics Equipment Co. Ltd. (Secu Scan), is the largest manufacturer of x-ray baggage scanners in China, which have the widest product line of and anti-explosive security equipments.We have ar

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