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Disinfection Spray Cabinet with Thermometer

  • AT340

  • Safeway System

Safeway Inspection System Limited, independent research and development of mobile intelligent disinfection channel, is an accurate, convenient, intelligent integration of body temperature disinfection equipment, fusion detection of microwave, and infrared spectrum, intelligent face recognition and other high-tech means, non-contact monitoring and disinfection. It can simply, safely, intuitively and accurately determine whether there is abnormal body temperature. In case of abnormal temperature, the equipment will send sound and light alarm and close the disinfection channel. Follow ergonomics, design style convenient for adults, children, the elderly, the disabled, wheelchairs, pets and other detection and disinfection. It is widely used in parks, schools, hospitals, office buildings, communities and factories.

Face recognition: The system can input 20,000 cases of human faces, effectively check the identity of people coming in and out of office buildings, schools, communities, factories and other places with fixed and dense personnel, automatically intercept foreigners, and realize rapid personnel control during the epidemic. It can greatly reduce the workload of security personnel in the screening of foreign personnel.

Food-grade disinfection: the equipment adopts food-grade disinfectants, which are widely used in food, tap water, vegetables and fruits disinfection, and the solution is provided in strict accordance with the national standard PM value ratio to ensure human health and safety.

Non-angle-of attack spray does not irritate human facial organs: The fog outlet of disinfection channel is designed with low angle-of attack to avoid discomfort caused by fog spraying directly on human face.

Special hand contact alcohol sterilizer: The temperature measuring area of the equipment is specially equipped with hand sterilizer, non-contact induction spray, safe and hygienic, can carry out effective sterilization.

Infrared body temperature measurement & sound-light alarm: the use of high-precision industrial infrared spectrum sensor, can achieve non-contact temperature measurement, fast and reliable, can effectively avoid cross infection, and real-time temperature collection. Peak extraction and comparison of output signal and beep prompt.

Adopt dual cameras: Support in vivo detection, reduce the influence of facial expressions and the risk of photo fraud can be used at night and day.

Automatic induction spray function: the device installs the microwave moving object sensor, detects that someone has entered, starts the fog machine by itself, and sprays disinfectant into the disinfection channel.

Status reminder function: the device is equipped with status display such as working, liquid shortage, light, etc., so that the device manager can accurately grasp the running status of the device in real time. The fog making equipment has the function of preventing dry burning, which can effectively prevent the damage caused to the equipment by improper operation.

Lighting function: The device fully considers the use scene, and the channel is equipped with LED lighting function, which is convenient for use at night or under dark light environment.

Management platform: Optional supporting management platform to achieve personnel management, access control management, attendance data management, temperature data management and other functions

Support secondary development: open interface, support 485 signal output, support cloud and native terminal recognition.

Case of face recognition system: 20,000 casesRecognition rate: ≥99.8%Identification distance: 0.5mLength of temperature measuring area: 640mmHuman body sensing mode: microwave detection typeTemperature sensing method: INFRARED spectroscopy (accurate real-time in vivo detection)Spectrum: 8-14umTemperature collection distance: 10-20cmTemperature collection accuracy: plus or minus 0.5 degreeTemperature collection time: no more than 2 secondsTemperature display panel: 8.0 inchesDimensions : 2100(H)×1440(W)×1500(D)Channel size : 2000(H)×890(W)×1500(D)



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