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Automatical Images Analysis

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Intelligent Automatic Image Analysis Software & Server


Product Description


Safeway System AT2050 intelligent security inspection server is a device specially developed by Safeway Inspection System(Company) Limited for the detection of contraband.

The server adapt deep learning technology to analyze the video of the security inspection machine in real time and display the package structure.  It can send sound and light alarm for dangerous goods and contraband. The performance is very stable and reliable.


The products can be widely used in government agencies, airports, railway stations, subway stations, long-distance buses, stadiums and other security inspection places with dense crowds or important activities.

Leading Advantages

Intelligent identification of prohibited items

Through the deep learning algorithm, the security inspection picture is structured, and the prohibited items in the image are intelligently identified, such as: knives, guns, bottles, spray cans, scissors, etc.


Data storage and query

Real-time storage of security inspection pictures of packaged items, intelligent calibration of contraband, and applications such as playback and traceability.


Alarm linkage

The appearance of suspicious items can be prompted through hierarchical linkage output (different types of dangerous goods are associated with different linkage methods: buzzer, alarm output).

Support data networking

Through the data interface, the security inspection data is uploaded to the platform in real time, breaking the traditional information island and realizing the security inspection network.


System parameters

Main processor: industrial grade embedded microcontroller

Operating system: Embedded Linux operating system

Operation interface: WEB type; local GUI operation


Number of intelligent analysis channels: support 1 channel X-ray video analysis

Alarm preview: Support real-time display of security inspection package images

Intelligent analysis: Supports intelligent identification of security inspection machine packages, and the intelligent box moves with the items

Identification of contraband: liquids, knives, pistols, umbrellas, batteries, scissors, spray cans, mobile phones, laptops, lighters, handcuffs, fireworks, sticks, electric shocks, finger tigers, etc.

Hardware parameters

USB interface: 2 USB3.0

VGA interface: 1 input (when VGA and HDMI are input at the same time, HDMI is preferred), 1 output

Network interface: 1 RJ45 10/100/1000Mbps adaptive Ethernet interface

Power button: 1, located on the rear panel

Indicator light: 1 power indicator light, 1 network light, 1 alarm light

Installation data

Power supply: AC220V

Power consumption: ≤30W

Working temperature: -10℃--+55℃

Working humidity: 10%--90% (non-condensing)

Chassis size: 226mm (length) × 180mm (width) × 60mm (height)

Weight: ≤3.5Kg (including packaging)



Image Analysis


Image Analysis


Image Analysis

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