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mobile phone detector+walk through metal detector+thermal imaging+face recognition
Smart Mobile Phone And Metal Detector Door for Prisons
  • AT9000

  • Safeway System

Product Introduction

Safeway System AT9000 smart mobile phone(cell phone) walk through metal detector door adopts the leading electromagnetic wave signal detection technology. It can smartly exclude belt buckles, glasses, pens, stationery boxes and other daily necessities for mobile phone(cell phone) detection. It integrates thermal imaging temperature measurement screening and face recognition capture. It can be used in important scenarios such as prisons, school exams and other confidential places without phones.


Product advantages

Smart identification:  

It can automatically identify and exclude daily necessities for mobile phone detection.

Linux system: strong stability and extensive expansion functions.

Unique panel design: the shell is stable, strong, durable and not deformed.

Automatic calibration: The device is equipped with an automatic calibration mode, which is automatically calibrated according to the site during installation to shield interference.

Signal graphics: The detection signal is displayed graphically and the device status is clear at a glance.

Human body temperature screening: Built-in high-precision miniature 24-hour dynamic thermal imaging body temperature monitor, all-weather and uninterrupted body temperature scanning and screening of passers-by.

Voice broadcast: with dangerous goods voice broadcast, high temperature voice broadcast function.

Face Snapshot: Snapshots of people who have passed the inspection, and display the complete information of the people who have passed the inspection in real time.

Large screen display: 29-inch LCD screen display, all kinds of information are intuitive and clear.

USB upgrade: The application software can be upgraded via USB.

Multi-zone alarm function: There are 6 zones on the left and right sides to alert the mobile phone to the alarm position.

Modular component design: convenient and quick to transport and maintain.


Daily necessities filtering: 

exclude belt buckles, glasses, pens, stationery boxes and other daily necessities for mobile phone detection.

Location display: 

The product is divided into 12 zones, and suspicious objects can be accurately displayed in each area.

Counting the number of people: 

The main interface automatically displays the number of people who have passed the update and the number of people who have alarmed.

Four-side positioning lights: 

There are LED lights on the four sides of the door body, which can intuitively display the area where the prohibited items are located through the positioning lights, and the viewing angle can reach 360°.

Sound and light alarm: with voice alarm, light bar flashing alarm function.

High-performance CPU: Using 6-core high-performance chips, the main frequency exceeds 1.8GHz.

Remote operation: use the wireless mouse and keyboard to set the parameters, the parameters can be password-protected, and unauthorized personnel cannot operate.

Network management: reserved communication interface, can share data with computer and security inspection platform.

Linkage function: The linkage interface is reserved, which can be linked with the wing gate and the three-roller gate.

Safety protection: In line with international safety standards, it is harmless to pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, magnetic media, etc.

Indicator light debugging: It has the manual debugging function of indicator light, which can quickly troubleshoot.

Technical standard

The national standard GB15210-2018 "General Technical Specifications for Pass-Through Metal Detector Doors".

Basic parameters

Smart control module

Operating system: LINUX

CPU: RK3399 6 cores



Display: LG 29 inch

Visible light sensor: 2 million pixels

Visible light resolution: 1920×1080

Thermal imaging temperature measurement module

Temperature measurement range: 30℃~50℃

Thermal imaging resolution: 256*192

Accuracy: ±0.3℃

Smart security gate

Shipping weight: about 150 kg

Power consumption: <40W

Working temperature: -10℃~40℃

Working humidity: 95%, no condensation

External power supply: 187V~242V, 50/60HZ

Working frequency: Adjust according to the installation environment

Dimensions: (mm) not more than 2430 (height) × 1015 (width) × 650 (depth)

Channel size: (mm) not more than 2000 (height) × 710 (width) × 650


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