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How does x ray luggage scanner work?

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X-ray baggage scanners are called "checking dangerous instruments". The working principle is to use small amounts of X-rays to illuminate the object to be inspected, use a computer to analyze the transmitted light, and analyze the characteristics of the penetrated object according to the change of the transmitted light.

This passage is going to talk about how x ray luggage scanner work: 

How does the X-ray baggage scanner work?

Airport x ray luggage scanner

Rely on different colors and shapes to identify dangerous goods


How does the X-ray baggage scanner work?

The image on the display is a computer simulation, highlighting dangerous items (differentiated by color). Many daily items will be ignored and will not be displayed. No harm to digital products, but very harmful to the human body. If human tissues are exposed to X-rays, irreversible disease will occur. However, everyone need not worry. The X-ray machine body and lead curtain can ensure that X-ray leakage is as small as possible.  

X-ray baggage scanners 

Airport x ray luggage scanner

It is known that the two types of scanners used at airports include millimeter wave radio scanners and backscatter scanners. The millimeter wave radio waves used by millimeter wave radio scanners are similar to those produced by mobile phones. This type of scanner does not use X-rays. The second is a backscatter scanner, which uses low-intensity X-rays.

In most X-ray scanners, two light sources are used: one hanging on the top and the other hanging on the side. In this way, there are two different views of the same package, which can help identify objects that may be blocked from one side and eliminate the effort to hide any contraband.

The typical X-ray system you will find at the airport provides two levels of X-ray intensity. The combination of two-level, two-plane X-rays and a central sensor provides more information about the package contents than any conventional X-ray system. The information is sent to the computer to which it is connected, and the computer uses recognition algorithms to identify the content. The algorithm calculates the effective number of Z (the number of protons in the nucleus) and the mass density of the object in the bag. The Z effective number and mass density value of some objects are the same, but when used in combination, the identity of the unknown substance is obvious.

X-rays emitted from one side of the machine are recognized by a pair of detectors on the opposite side. When your luggage enters through curtains lined with lead, these objects absorb some of the X-ray energy, which means that the energy of X-rays passing through your luggage is less than that of other X-rays.


Rely on different colors and shapes to identify dangerous goods

X Ray baggage scanner is not a display screen, but it actually undertakes the task of protecting railway safety. Some passengers did not know the dangerous goods, and many brought them to the car. Therefore, it is usually possible to fill the basket under the table near the east side security apparatus with colorful bottles and jars. There will be hairspray, air freshener, nail polish, etc. in the basket, and sometimes tools. These are checked by security tools. Among the dangerous goods detected, chemical dangerous goods accounted for 80%. Many people believe that only some controlled tools are dangerous goods and are prohibited from being carried on trains. The lethality of chemical dangerous goods is unclear. These hair spray bottles, air fresheners, etc. are compressed gas and liquefied gas. When heating, when the pressure in the bottle exceeds the pressure limit of the container, it will cause an explosion. "What are safety tools? Check these dangerous items?

After X-ray inspection, the items in the luggage will show the general shape on the display screen, and display them in yellow, green, black, etc. Generally, yellow items are organic, such as plastic and food. They are safe and require attention to green and black items. If there are more green or black objects, or if they are in the shape of a dagger or knife, the passenger will be asked to open the checked luggage. It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, radioactive, infectious disease pathogens, guns, ammunition, and controlled knives into the station. Once discovered, they will be confiscated. Do not carry kitchen knives, table knives, fruit knives, handicraft knives, scissors, axes, hammers and other sharp objects and blunt objects with you.


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