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How to maintain the explosive trace detector?

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The portable explosive trace detector/narcotics trace detector fills the increasing demand of security professionals for detecting various dangerous substances and adapting to changes in threats, with portability and flexibility. Through the single-tube dual-mode detector, the detector can detect, analyze, and identify a wide range of explosives and drugs, and has high sensitivity and specificity. How to maintain narcotics trace detector? This article will briefly talk about this.

This passage is going to talk about the five stages of maintain the explosive trace detector: 

1. Repair afterwards

2. Preventive maintenance

3. Production maintenance

4. Maintenance prevention

5. Integrated equipment management


The development process of the equipment maintenance system can be divided into five stages: post-event repair, preventive maintenance, production maintenance, maintenance prevention and comprehensive equipment management.

1. Repair afterwards

Post-repair refers to repairs after the equipment fails. This kind of repair method does not know in advance when the fault will occur and lacks preparation before repair. Therefore, the repair stop time is longer. In addition, because repairs are unplanned, the production plan is often disrupted and the delivery date is affected. Post-repair is a relatively primitive equipment maintenance system. In addition to being used in small, unimportant equipment, it has been replaced by other equipment maintenance systems.

explosive trace detector

2. Preventive maintenance

During the Second World War, military production was very busy, but equipment failures often disrupted production. In order to strengthen equipment maintenance and reduce equipment downtime for repairs, a preventive maintenance system has emerged. This system requires equipment maintenance to be precautionary, to do a good job of maintenance during equipment operation, to strengthen daily inspections and regular inspections, and to carry out planned repairs before equipment failures according to the regularity of parts wear and inspection results. Due to strengthened daily maintenance work. The effective life of the equipment is prolonged, and due to the planned repair, it is easy to prepare for the repair, which greatly shortens the downtime of equipment repair and improves the effective utilization of the equipment.

3. Production maintenance

Although preventive maintenance has the above advantages, sometimes it will increase the workload of maintenance and cause excessive maintenance. For this reason, there was production maintenance in 1954. Production maintenance requires the organization of equipment maintenance for the purpose of improving the economic effect of enterprise production. Its characteristic is that the maintenance method is selected according to the importance of the equipment, the key equipment is preventive maintenance, and the general equipment that has little impact on production is repaired after the fact. In this way, on the one hand, we can concentrate our efforts on the maintenance of important equipment, while also saving maintenance costs.

4. Maintenance prevention

In the repair work of the equipment, people found that although the maintenance, maintenance, and repair work of the equipment has a great impact on the failure rate and effective utilization of the equipment, how the quality of the equipment itself often affects the use and repair of the equipment’s decisive role. The congenital deficiency of equipment is often the main aspect that makes repair work difficult. Therefore, the idea of maintenance prevention appeared in 1960. This means to consider maintenance issues during the design and manufacturing stage of the equipment to improve the reliability and ease of repair of the equipment, so that in the future use, equipment failures can be minimized or not occurred. Once a failure occurs, repairs can also be made the work went smoothly. Maintenance prevention is a major breakthrough in the equipment maintenance system.

5. Integrated equipment management

On the basis of public equipment maintenance and prevention. From the viewpoint of behavioral science and system theory, the concept of integrated equipment management was formed in the early 1970s. Equipment integrated engineering, or equipment integrated management. The original name in English is Terotechnology, which is an important way to implement comprehensive management of equipment. It was first created in Britain in 1970 and then spread to European countries. This is a revolution in equipment management. In the process of introduction and learning, Japan has created a comprehensive production and maintenance system based on practical experience in production and maintenance, which is a Japanese-style comprehensive management of equipment.

With the development of computer technology applications in enterprises. Significant changes have also taken place in the field of equipment maintenance, with new methods such as Condition-basic maintenance and Intelligent maintenance appearing.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about the accuracy of narcotics trace detector. If you need narcotics trace detector, do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to narcotics trace detectors, we also produce ETD series of detection devices, such as hand-held metal detectors and explosives trace detectors. If you are interested, please contact us directly

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