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How sensitive are walk through metal detectors?

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With the continuous advancement of technology, in general, the sensitivity of the walk through metal detector is still very high. But the sensitivity of each detector is different, and it can be adjusted, so we need to understand the factors that affect the sensitivity.

The sensitivity of the walk through metal detector

How to measure the sensitivity of the walk through metal detector?

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1. The sensitivity of the walk through metal detector

Sensitivity is a measure of the ability of a metal detector to detect metal contaminants of a specific type and size. The better the sensitivity of the metal detector, the more accurate the metal can be detected. But how can we know that the sensitivity of the device is high? When measuring the sensitivity of a metal detector, we usually use a 0.6 mm reference ball for detection. However, many factors affect the sensitivity of the metal detector during testing. At this time, it is necessary to fully understand which factors will affect it. This will facilitate more adequate equipment.

2. How to measure the sensitivity of the walk through metal detector?

Metal type

The type of metal usually also affects it, and the sensitivity of a metal detector will vary according to the type of metal contaminants present. Generally, ferrous metals are the easiest to detect, while stainless steel is the most difficult to detect. However, changes will also occur in the actual situation, which must be specific.


In addition to the type of metal contaminants, metal detector recognition also considers the direction of the metal object. It can be detected only when the cross-sectional area of the object is directly facing and less than the sensitivity of the metal detector.


If the material of the packaging object itself is conductive, it will affect its sensitivity. Therefore, in some cases, special methods must be adopted to remove the possible impact of packaging. In addition, the product itself is electrically conductive, such as meat with high salt content, which will be misleading when tested.


Environment is also an important factor that affects sensitivity. From the factory, vibration will greatly reduce performance, so metal detectors with built-in noise and vibration functions must be used.

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