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Where to use x ray luggage scanner?

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X-ray baggage scanner, or called x ray luggage scanner, is a new type of security inspection equipment that uses X-rays to penetrate and inspect baggage and cargo without unpacking and checking. Applicable to government agencies, transportation, logistics, courts, procuratorates, prisons, embassies, factories, schools, hospitals, stadiums, exhibition halls and entertainment venues for briefcases, parcels, express delivery, hand luggage and small parcel security inspections, etc.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of where to use x ray luggage scanner:

(1) X ray luggage scanner for museums

(2) X ray luggage scanner for airports

(3) X ray luggage scanner for railway


(1) X ray luggage scanner for museums

Safety inspections are required in museums or tourist attractions. Passengers’ carry-on luggage and checked luggage are subject to security checks. The main means of security inspection is through baggage scanning. At present, "scanning" is mainly carried out by X-rays.

The purpose of "scanning" is to know whether the passenger has carried dangerous goods, controlled products, and prohibited goods without causing any trouble to the passenger. The security checker must confirm that there is no such thing in the luggage. If the security personnel cannot confirm the attributes of the items in the luggage through "scanning", the owner of the luggage must be asked to open the luggage for manual inspection.

X-ray baggage scanner 

(2) X ray luggage scanner for airports

Airport body scanners help make the entire security system safer, not to mention airport buildings. In fact, the installation of airport body scanners is one of the main means to prevent suicide attacks, although in most cases, the human eye cannot see a reliable airport body scanner.

In addition, due to the light beam used by the spectrometer in the airport security baggage scanner, the x-ray package scanner is not only efficient, but also fully automatic and effective to penetrate most materials. For example, items such as wood, leather, plastic, etc. can even be easily penetrated by the beam of an airport body scanner. Therefore, there is no doubt that they can essentially be used to scan the surface of the human body through clothing and look for any traces of dangerous substances.

Generally, the X-ray baggage scanner signal will not be ionized and has low power, so safety can be ensured. However, it is important to understand that reliable airport body scanners are not only imaging devices. Rather, they can also be considered as excellent tools for reading the spectra of various substances. More specifically, some of the radiation emitted by airport body scanners will soon be absorbed by everything they are aimed at, and because different compounds absorb energy in different ways, they are returned to a series of airport body scanners. The energy distribution can be easily absorbed. Tell the security personnel what they see now.


(3) X ray baggage scanner for railway

Security inspection generally has four inspection methods: one is the railway baggage scanner, which is mainly used to check passengers' baggage items. Mainly check whether passengers are carrying prohibited items. At every pit stop, there is a mysterious guy. This is X-ray security inspection equipment. All passengers have to put down the big bags and pass the security inspection. X-ray baggage scanners used in railway stations are similar to security inspection equipment at airports and bus stations. After entering the station, passengers put luggage, duffel bags or some large woven bags and other luggage on the security inspection device, which is conveyed through the conveyor belt and subjected to X-ray inspection. No problem, the passenger took the luggage away. Once a suspected dangerous item is found, the person in charge of security inspection will ask the passenger to open the luggage for inspection. Generally, passengers can complete the security check within 10 seconds.


At present, x ray baggage scanners can be used in many fields. In addition to airports and railway stations, it also applies to cargo flows. To avoid criminals and danger, we can use X-ray luggage scanners to check whether the luggage to be transported is safe. Police can use x ray baggage scanners to find criminals and ensure social peace.

Through a brief introduction to x ray baggage scanner, we hope this article has helped you understand more about x ray luggage scanners and our products. If you are interested in x ray luggage scanner or other relevant products, please contact us.


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