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What are the advantages of the explosive trace detector?

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Explosive trace detectors have long been at the forefront of cracking down on criminal activities. Nuclear power plant facilities have been using it since the early 1980s, and the aviation industry has been using it for baggage and passenger inspection since 1996. Today, its use has become more and more widespread. So what are its advantages that attract everyone.

Product guarantee

High security

Simple operation

High accuracy

The design is practical

Technology continues to upgrade

1. Product guarantee

The company takes product quality as the first priority, and strictly controls each production process in accordance with ISO9000 standards and other international standards. Our explosive trace detectors have passed CE, ROHS, FCC and FDA radiation safety report certification. The product quality is absolutely guaranteed, and it has been used by more than 1,000 agents in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. These data can show that our company is really loved by everyone.

2. High security

Only good products can give full play to their advantages. Our equipment uses advanced vacuum ultraviolet lamp ionization technology. In actual work, there is no need to directly touch the objects. You only need to wipe the checked packaging with paper to know whether it contains dangerous goods.

Explosive trace detectors

3. Simple operation

In actual work, it can be detected by pressing a key. The operation is very convenient. It also has the functions of automatic calibration and automatic cleaning, which can adapt to a variety of environmental changes. There is even an automatic fault diagnosis function to ensure its normal operation. The operation is really simple and convenient.

4. High accuracy

The explosive trace detector has multiple functions such as storage, retrieval, and export of real-time data, and the capacity is not less than 800,000. It can realize high-speed analysis and detection, and achieve results in 3 seconds. In this way, dangerous goods can be identified in a timely and accurate manner, and a timely response can be made.

5. The design is practical

Because explosive trace detectors are widely used in major public transportation stations, in order to ensure the convenience of the staff. We have also made reasonable considerations for its design. Our products are usually hand-held and very light. This way, even if you work for several hours, you will not be particularly tired.

6.Technology continues to upgrade

With the continuous development of the society's economy, the potential for facing is now becoming more and more unconsciously. Therefore, relevant technical personnel are constantly updating the technology of explosive trace detectors. Our company has a professional R&D team that continuously upgrades products to meet the needs of consumers.

Through the above points, I believe that everyone must have a certain understanding of its wide range of applications. If there is a manufacturer that can provide high-quality explosive trace detectors  with high accuracy through simple operations under the premise of ensuring safety. What are you still hesitating? If necessary, click to buy as soon as possible.

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