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Explosives and Narcotics Detector

Handheld type
  • HD300
  • Safeway System

★ Accurate detection Advanced vacuum ultraviolet lamp ionization technique, in the practical work, don't need to  aim at package in dangerous goods, just wipe with paper checked packages can detect  whether carrying dangerous goods, operation is convenient

★ Dual mode  Positive and negative dual mode, to achieve the two-mode detection of explosives and drugs. 

★ A key detection  One-touch detection, simple operation. 

★ Accurate identifification The type of ingredients can be accurately identifified dangerous goods, can be reported to   be seized dangerous goods name. 

★ High speed analysis  Detection and analysis faster than similar products, can have testing results in 3 seconds. 

★ Automatic calibration  With automatic calibration function, to adapt to a variety of environmental changes. 

★ Automatic cleaning  With automatic cleaning function, to adapt to a variety of environmental changes. 

★ Automatic diagnosis Automatic fault diagnosis and can prompt warning in real time. The user can judge whether   the instrument is running normally according to the warning. 

★ Real-time update  Open database, sample library information can be upgraded at any time. 

★ Full color screen  Equipped with 2.8-inch TFT color touch screen. 

★ Real-time storage  With real-time data storage, retrieval, export and other functions, storage capacity of not  less than 800,000. 

★ Consumables cheap  Molecular sieve based desiccant, cheap, easy to replace. 

★ Sturdy packaging Safety box plus lined, carton packaging.

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