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What is explosives trace detector?

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Explosive trace detection technology is used at the entrance and exit control points of airports, ports, cargo facilities and critical infrastructure. The purpose is to intercept and prevent the entry of persons in contact with explosives. The entrances of prisons, detention centers, popular concerts and nightclubs all use drug trace detection technology. The purpose is to intercept and detain people who have handled drugs, and to identify users or traffickers of illegal drugs.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of what is explosives trace detector:

(1) What is explosives trace detector?

(2) Why to use explosives trace detector?

(3) How to use explosives trace detector?


(1) What is explosives trace detector?

Explosive trace detection (ETD) technology plays a vital role in maintaining national security. ETD is still an active research area, and many analytical techniques are used in operations. This review details the latest developments in animal smell, ion mobility spectroscopy (IMS), Raman and colorimetric detection methods. In addition to the use of nanomaterial technology, it also covers the development of optics, biology, electrochemistry, mass and thermal sensors. A commercially available system is proposed as an example of current detection functions and a benchmark for improvement. Attention is also drawn to recent collaborative projects involving the government, academia, and industry to emphasize the emergence of multimodal screening methods and applications.

 explosives trace detector

(2) Why to use explosives trace detector?

With the improvement of the security level, the demand for explosive trace detection systems is increasing. The traces of the attached explosive components can be detected on the surface of hand luggage or postal items for a short time.

Starting from the airport, the installation of advanced X-ray detection equipment and explosion trace detection systems has become increasingly important. By supplementing conventional hand luggage inspection equipment and materials and checked luggage, the explosion trace detection system will provide effective means to achieve these more reliable and safer. Therefore, it is imperative to develop the application of this system.


(3) How to use explosives trace detector?

Our Safeway System AT6600 all-in-one intelligent dangerous goods detector is a professional detection instrument based on ion migration spectroscopy technology, gas infrared sensing technology and radiation detection technology. It can detect trace amounts of explosives, drugs, toxic gases and radioactivity. Real-time, rapid detection and analysis of substances. AT6600 has fast detection speed, high sensitivity, simple operation, small size, light weight, easy to carry, easy to maintain, and can be used for inspection of dangerous goods in subways, airports, ports, border ports and crowd gathering places.


Our Product advantages:

Automated and real-time services:

It can automatically calibrate, clean, diagnose, print analysis results in real time, update databases and software in real time, and store data in real time.

Diversified communication and remote control:

It has wired communication methods such as Ethernet interface and USB interface, and wireless communication methods such as Wi-fi and Bluetooth, which can upload data to the cloud platform.

Powerful substance library:

The substance library contains nearly a hundred common drugs, explosives, industrial poisonous gases, and chemical warfare agents, and supports real-time update and expansion according to customer requirements.

The alarm results can be displayed on the same screen at the meantime.


Through a brief introduction to explosives trace detector, we hope this article has helped you understand more about explosives trace detector. If you are interested in explosives trace detector or other relevant products, please contact us.

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