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What is narcotics trace detector?

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At present, the global drug manufacturing, trafficking and abuse problems are more prominent. The sources, types of drugs and the number of drug users continue to expand. The drug problem continues to spread in some countries and regions. The harm of drugs is becoming more and more serious. The number of deaths from drug abuse has increased year after year. The situation is even more complicated. So what should we do?

The current situation of drugs is grim

Narcotics trace detector

1. The current situation of drugs is grim

According to statistics, there are about 275 million people in the world who have used drugs at least once, and nearly 31 million of them are drug addicts. What exactly is a drug? Why does it attract so many people. Drugs generally refer to drugs that make people addicted. There are many types of drugs, a wide range, and different classification methods. Opium, heroin, methamphetamine, etc. are all well-known drugs. Drug users will not only form physical and mental dependence on themselves, but also harm the body's mechanism and shorten people's life span. And it is a great harm to the whole society. It will cause tremendous damage to social productivity, intensify inducing various illegal and criminal activities, disrupt social security, and bring a huge threat to social stability.

Narcotics trace detector

2. Narcotics  trace detector

The string of data is shocking, so what can we do to protect the lives of others? At this time, the narcotics trace detector plays a very important role.Narcotics trace measuring device refers to the detection of drugs by collecting and analyzing drugs ingredient. The main methods of collecting samples are vacuuming and wiping. And this kind of equipment has the characteristics of small size, light weight and easy to carry. Especially suitable for the police, customs, border defense and other anti-drug departments to investigate and deal with the use of high-tech equipment such as parcels, luggage, etc.There are often narcotics trace detector that integrate drugs and explosives. This has a positive and negative dual mode to help realize dual mode detection of explosives and drugs. Here we recommend a model of HD300 handheld dual-mode detector, real-time storage with real-time data storage, retrieval, export and other functions, storage capacity is not less than 800,000. To help more accurately identify the type of ingredients of dangerous goods, and get results within 3 seconds, report names containing dangerous goods. Guarantee safety to a higher degree.In addition to such high-quality products, we also have our attentive service. Even considering your future consumables, the material uses molecular sieve desiccant, which is cheap and easy to replace.

It can be seen that the global drug situation is not optimistic. We must learn to better protect our own safety. At this time, understanding of narcotics trace detector is very necessary. If we can make good use of it, it will not only warn offenders. , And it can also guarantee social stability. If there is demand, you can take a look at our latest products.

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