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How to maintain infrared thermometer box?

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An infrared thermometer is a thermometer that measures body temperature by infrared rays. It can be divided into contact type and non-contact type. The infrared thermometer measures temperature, which is relatively safe and accurate, suitable for use by the elderly, children, hospitals and families. Do you know how to maintain infrared thermometer box? This article will briefly introduce how to maintain infrared thermometer box.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of how to maintain infrared thermometer box

(1) Transport and storage

(2) Placement condition

(3) Temperature measurement points

(4) Daily maintenance


(1) Transport and storage

Use general transportation means to prevent severe impact, vibration and rain splashing during transportation. Without the permission of the manufacturer, do not modify or disassemble the machine to avoid damage or safety hazards. Do not throw it into the fire to prevent the danger of explosion. Non-professionals should not disassemble or repair it to avoid irreparable damage. When measuring, please do not use mobile phones or other electromagnetic field interference devices around. It is forbidden to use this equipment in an environment with a mixture of flammable anesthetic gas and air or a mixture of oxygen or nitrous oxide. Keep the infrared thermometer out of the reach of children.

infrared thermometer box 

(2) Placement condition

The optimal ambient temperature of the packaged infrared thermometer is 16°C~+40°C, the relative humidity is less than 85%, and there is no condensation. The atmospheric pressure is 70kpa-106kp, no corrosive gas, and a well-ventilated room. Infrared thermometers should not be used close to or stacked with other equipment. If they must be used close or stacked, they should be observed to verify that they can operate normally under the configuration used; if the physiological parameters measured by the device are less than the specified minimum amplitude value, may lead to inaccurate consequences. Except for the cables sold by the manufacturers of infrared thermometers as spare parts of internal components, the use of accessories and cables other than those specified may result in an increase in the emission of the infrared thermometer or a decrease in immunity.


(3) Temperature measurement points

Compared with traditional thermometers, it's impossible for babies to take traditional thermometers obediently. They will feel fear when they see these glass thermometers. If they are asked to measure their body temperature for at least ten minutes, the babies will always If you move around, the temperature deviation measured will be more inaccurate.

It is recommended that friends try to keep the measured distance between 3 and 5 cm during the measurement process, too close or too far distance will affect the value of the measurement result.

After measuring this, there will be some reference values. Consumers can consider the values based on the reference values, or they can take measurements at regular intervals and take several more measurements to judge changes in body temperature.


(4) Daily maintenance

Dirty outside: Wipe the dirty area with a clean soft cloth dampened with water, or wipe with a cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol. Wiping with medical alcohol can also have the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Pay attention to not too much water or alcohol, so as not to flow into the inside and cause damage to the product.

Internal dirt: The internal infrared detector is an important device. Do not touch or press it with your fingers or other objects, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the measured value. When the infrared detector is found dirty, please wipe it with a cotton swab moistened with 95% absolute alcohol.


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