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How to work explosives trace detector?

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We live in a rapidly changing world. Power struggles, civil unrest, and the desire for radicals to harm enemies and innocents made our headlines. Well-trained experts cannot be everywhere at once. Explosives trace detector provides a way to enhance the capabilities of transit guards or boarding points of ships or aircraft without the need for explosives experts. Collect samples very quickly and detect the smallest traces of explosives to determine potential threats to people and their belongings. Law enforcement agencies, military entities, and even private security companies can now apply detection. This article will briefly introduce how the explosives trace detector works.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of how the explosives trace detector works: 

Why using explosives trace detector?

How to work?

Application of Explosion Trace Detection System


(1) Why using explosives trace detector?

Do you want to know why you are queuing at the airport checkpoint and what are the machines doing? Well, they are looking for explosives. Individuals who carry explosives or participate in bomb manufacturing are likely to be contaminated with trace amounts of explosives, tiny particles invisible to the naked eye. Without suitable equipment, the detection of trace explosives may be challenging for responders and security personnel. The emergence of homemade explosive threats poses a challenge to aviation safety. Explosive trace detector (ETD) is a screening technology that has been used in a variety of operational environments including aviation, maritime, and national borders.

explosive trace detector 

(2) How to work?

It can automatically calibrate, clean, diagnose, print analysis results in real time, update databases and software in real time, and store data in real time.

It has wired communication methods such as Ethernet interface and USB interface, and wireless communication methods such as Wi-fi and Bluetooth, which can upload data to the cloud platform.

The substance library contains nearly a hundred common drugs, explosives, industrial poisonous gases, and chemical warfare agents, and supports real-time update and expansion according to customer requirements.

The alarm results can be displayed on the same screen at the meantime.


(3) Application of Explosion Trace Detection System

The explosive component of the detection target is extremely stable at room temperature, so it is not easy to emit in the form of gas. This means that explosive components will stick to the surface and remain there until they pass the inspection area. In the inspection area, after passing through the X-ray detector, put any suspicious objects aside and "wipe" its surface to find signs of explosions. The wiped sample is then placed in a developed detector, which determines whether there is an explosive component, and if so, its type.


The article describes how the explosives trace detector works. This product can be used for safety inspection and monitoring of hazardous substances. With the continuous development of detection technology and the development and commercialization of systems, it can effectively help deal with dangers and threats. Give our society the safety and security.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about how the explosives trace detector works. If you have any problem about explosives trace detectors, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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