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Does wind affect a walk-through metal detector?

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You may have the doubt whether wind affect a walk-through metal detector or not, let us read and see.

This passage is going to talk about the following questions of the security of walk-through metal detectors:

What is walk-though mental detector?

Why do some metal detectives use headphones?

Are people with pacemakers safe for metal detectors?


What is walk-through metal detector?

Security door is a detection device that detects whether personnel are carrying metal objects, also known as walk-through metal detector or Metal detection door. Walk-through metal detectors are mainly used in airports, stations, large conferences and other public places with large crowds to check metal objects hidden on the human body, such as guns, controlled knives, etc. The few high-end security gates on the market can make the security gate immediately alarm when the inspected person passes through the security gate and the metal carried on the body exceeds the parameter value preset according to the weight, quantity or shape. The location of the metal that allows the security personnel to discover the metal objects that the person is carrying in time. Most factory-specific security gates only identify whether metal objects are carried, locate and call the police to prevent products from being taken out of the factory in violation of regulations. The best-performing security gate can detect paperclip-sized items.


Why do some metal detectives use headphones?

Headphones can greatly reduce external noise (wind, waves, traffic, etc.). They also enhance the audio target signal, which will help you determine what to tap and what to ignore. In general, a good set of earphones can improve the number of discoveries and greatly reduce the time you spend digging garbage. Headphones can also reduce interference, extend battery life, and avoid attracting the attention of curious bystanders. This special earphone is acoustically designed to respond to weak targets, making weak, deeper target signals easier to hear. And these headphones do not require additional batteries. Detectors using headphones would be better.


Are people with pacemakers safe for metal detectors?

For many years, whether there are safety issues related to metal detectors in pacemakers has been an issue we have been paying close attention to. We have not reported any reports of hobby metal detectors interfering with pacemakers or other electronic medical equipment or any other adverse health effects.

Metal detectors in hobbies are exposed to users in normal use. The magnetic field is much weaker than the geomagnetic field around us, many times weaker than electromagnetic radio waves near radio transmitters or CB radios or mobile phones, and weaker than magnetic fields. The field of security metal detectors, such as those used in airports and courts.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about the security of walk-through metal detector. If you need walk-through metal detector, do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to walk-through metal detectors, we also produce ETD series of detection devices, such as hand-held metal detectors and dangerous gas detector. 

If you are interested, please contact us directly.

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