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What is walk through metal detector?

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In many public areas, we always see a metal square frame. Maybe we didn't know what it was before. In fact, that is walk through metal detector. So what exactly is a metal detector? Let's learn more.

Walk through metal detector

It is prohibited to carry items

The working principle of the metal detector

1.Walk through metal detector

Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell, after repeated experiments, invented an electric wave ring, proving that force, magnetism, and electricity are related. That is, when current is applied to the copper wire coil wound on the metal nail, the metal nail is magnetized. The metal detector is to use this scientific principle to detect whether there are metal objects on the body of the person passing the detector, such as knives, weapons, guns, etc. There are two main types of metal detectors, namely, providing single-area protection and providing multi-area protection. They are usually deployed in potentially risky places, public places, entertainment venues, football stadiums, bus stops and train stations, or on the streets.

2. It is prohibited to carry items

The main purpose of it is to prevent some dangerous goods from causing improper personal injury in public areas. But some people may not know what the prohibited items are. Including guns, weapons, and controlled knives. Guns and weapons include official guns, civilian guns, other guns and various offensive weapons. Controlled knives include daggers, triangular knives, switchblade knives with self-locking devices, and other similar single-edged, double-edged, and triangular knives. Both types of dangerous items can be detected by walk through metal detectors, avoiding many potential hazards.

3. The working principle of the metal detector

Metal detectors usually use pulse induction technology. A typical PI system uses coils as a transmitter and receiver on one side. That is, the PI system sends a strong short pulse current through the wire coil. When metal passes through the magnetic field, a reflected magnetic field is generated. This magnetic field then reacts with the receiver coil, which triggers the alarm system. The magnetic field generated by the traveling metal detector will be a bit larger. This magnetic field will cover all items of the metal detector. This means that if someone passes through a metal detector and issues an alarm, the airport security personnel will be notified that the person may have hidden dangerous metal-based weapons, such as knives or guns, and conducted further research.

From the above, I believe everyone already knows that passing through a metal detector is when an electric pulse is passed through a coil, it will generate a magnetic field. When the magnetic field hits a metal object, it reflects back and can be detected with another coil. At this time, it can be detected whether there are metal substances. If there is, then an alarm will be issued to remind the relevant personnel. So the walk through metal detector is still very useful, if you need it, please contact us.

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