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What is infrared thermometer Box?

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In order to further normalize the epidemic prevention and control work and spare no effort to protect the health and life safety of patients and medical staff, many public places have installed infrared thermometers. So, what is an infrared thermometer? This article will briefly introduce it.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of the infrared thermometer Box

Principle of infrared thermometer Box

Application of infrared thermometer Box

Points to note when using infrared thermometers


Principle of infrared thermometer Box

In nature, all objects whose temperature is higher than absolute zero are constantly emitting infrared radiation energy to the surrounding space. The size of the infrared radiation energy of an object and its distribution according to wavelength-have a very close relationship with its surface temperature. Therefore, by measuring the infrared energy radiated by the object itself, its surface temperature can be accurately determined, which is the objective basis on which infrared radiation temperature measurement is based.

The infrared thermometer is composed of optical system, photodetector, signal amplifier, signal processing, display output and other parts. The optical system condenses the infrared radiation energy of the target in its field of view, and the size of the field of view is determined by the optical parts and positions of the thermometer. The infrared energy is focused on the photodetector and converted into corresponding electrical signals. The signal passes through the amplifier and signal processing circuit, and is converted into the temperature value of the measured target after being corrected according to the internal therapy algorithm and target emissivity of the instrument. In addition, the target and the environmental conditions where the thermometer is located should also be considered, such as the influence of temperature, atmosphere, pollution and interference on performance indicators and correction methods.

infrared thermometer box

Application of infrared thermometer Box

In the production process, infrared temperature measurement technology has played an important role in product quality control and monitoring, equipment online fault diagnosis and safety protection, and energy conservation. In the past 20 years, non-contact infrared thermometers have developed rapidly in technology, with continuous improvement in performance, continuous enhancement of functions, continuous increase in varieties, continuous expansion of application scope, and market share increasing year by year. Compared with the contact temperature measurement method, infrared temperature measurement has the advantages of fast response time, non-contact, safe use and long service life. Non-contact infrared thermometers include three series: portable, online and scanning, and are equipped with various options and computer software. Each series has various models and specifications. Among various types of thermometers with different specifications, it is very important for users to choose the correct infrared thermometer model.

In order to measure the temperature, aim the instrument at the object to be measured, press the trigger to read the temperature data on the LCD of the instrument, and ensure that the ratio of the distance to the spot size and the field of view are arranged.


Points to note when using infrared thermometers:

1. It only measures the temperature of the surface; the infrared thermometer cannot measure the internal temperature.

2. The temperature cannot be measured through the glass. The glass has very special reflection and transmission characteristics and does not allow accurate infrared temperature readings. But the temperature can be measured through the infrared window. The best infrared thermometer

Not for temperature measurement of shiny or polished metal surfaces (stainless steel, aluminum, etc.).

3. To locate the hot spot, to find the hot spot, the instrument aims at the target, and then scans up and down on the target until the hot spot is determined.

4. Pay attention to environmental conditions: steam, dust, smoke, etc. It blocks the optical system of the instrument and affects accurate temperature measurement.

5. Ambient temperature. If the thermometer is suddenly exposed to an ambient temperature difference of 20℃ or higher, allow the instrument to adjust to the new ambient temperature within 20 minutes.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about what is infrared thermometer Box. If you need infrared thermometer, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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