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What is the principle of narcotics trace detector?

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Many technology and principles are used for narcotics trace detector.

This passage is going to talk about the following principles of narcotics trace detector: 

Lon mobility spectroscopy

Some of the principles



Lon mobility spectroscopy

Due to the major social issues related to drug abuse, the detection of illegal drugs is currently an important research area. Several wide-ranging detection techniques are important, including x-ray-based imaging techniques, the use of trained canines, and trace chemical detection using various "sniffer" techniques. The last category involves the indirect detection of drugs by collecting and analyzing trace amounts of vapor or particulate contamination. Several techniques have been developed for this type of application, of which ion mobility spectroscopy is probably the most widely used technique. This technology has many advantages, including the potential to detect almost all target drugs, moderate cost, near-instant response time, and in some cases sensitivity in the range of parts per billion.

narcotics trace detector 

Some of the principles


The colorimetric test box for explosive detection is one of the oldest, easiest and most widely used methods for detecting explosives. Colorimetric detection of explosives involves applying chemical reagents to unknown materials or samples and observing the color reaction. Common color reactions are known and indicate to the user whether there is an explosive, and in many cases, the explosive group from which the material is derived. The main types of explosives are nitroaromatic explosives, nitrate ester and nitramine explosives, nitro-free simple explosives, including inorganic nitrate explosives, chlorate explosives and peroxide explosives.


Ion mobility spectroscopy

The use of ion mobility spectroscopy (IMS) for explosion detection is based on the velocity of ions in a uniform electric field. There are some variants of IMS, such as ion trap mobility spectrometry (ITMS) based on the principle of IMS or nonlinear dependence on ion mobility (NLDM). The sensitivity of equipment using this technology is limited to PG level. This technology can be found in most commercial explosive detectors. The presence of radioactive materials in these devices can cause regulatory troubles and require special permits at customs ports. These detectors cannot be repaired on-site. If the housing of the detector breaks due to improper operation, it may cause radiation hazards to the operator. In most countries, regulatory agencies conduct biannual inspections of such equipment to ensure that there is no radiation leakage. Due to the high half-life of the radioactive materials used, the disposal of these devices is also controlled.


Mass spectrometry

Recently, mass spectrometry (MS) has become another ETD technique. Because the core technology has higher resolution, the use of mass spectrometry technology can reduce the false alarm rate usually associated with ETD. It also uses a non-radioactive ionization method usually secondary electrospray ionization (SESI-MS). Mass spectrometers are mainly used for desktop ETDs and can be miniaturized for handheld ETDs.



The results of our equipment research are generally encouraging, as the future applications of various advanced technologies will be used to track the detection of illegal drugs, especially the development of personnel portals for this purpose. The main drugs of interest can be easily detected using narcotics trace detector. When there may be various interferences, given that all the necessary equipment has been purchased and developed, and a lot of experience has been gained in learning how to use the equipment for trace drug detection, it is necessary to invest in knowledge with a relatively small capital in the future It can generate considerable research returns. Our company will continue to work hard on research and development.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about the accuracy of narcotics trace detector. If you need narcotics trace detector, do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to narcotics trace detectors, we also produce ETD series of detection devices, such as hand-held metal detectors and explosives trace detectors. If you are interested, please contact us directly.

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