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  • What is explosives trace detector?

    What is explosives trace detector?Explosive trace detection technology is used at the entrance and exit control points of airports, ports, cargo facilities and critical infrastructure. The purpose is to intercept and prevent the entry of persons in contact with explosives. The entrances of prisons,

  • What is narcotics trace detector?

    what is narcotics trace detector?At present, the global drug manufacturing, trafficking and abuse problems are more prominent. The sources, types of drugs and the number of drug users continue to expand. The drug problem continues to spread in some countries and regions. The harm of drugs is becomin

  • What are the advantages of the explosive trace detector?

    What are the advantages of the explosive trace detector?Explosive trace detectors have long been at the forefront of cracking down on criminal activities. Nuclear power plant facilities have been using it since the early 1980s, and the aviation industry has been using it for baggage and passenger in

  • How to choose x ray luggage scanner?

    How to choose x ray luggage scanner?As we all know, X-ray scanner baggage device is a very practical device, the purpose is to detect packages in some special places. As a buyer of a baggage scanner, before buying a baggage scanner, you need to know some knowledge about the baggage scanner. In this

  • How to maintain the x ray baggage scanner?

    How to maintain the x ray baggage scanner?When it comes to X-ray luggage scanners, I believe everyone is not unfamiliar. The use in daily life is very wide. But in the long-term use, if there is no daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, it will inevitably have such problems. So today I

  • What should be paid attention to when using x-ray baggage scanner?

    What should be paid attention to when using x-ray baggage scanner?We always see X-ray luggage scanners in public places. So how much do you know about it? What should I pay attention to during use? If you are curious and have questions about it, please continue to read it. I will briefly explain it

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