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What should I pay attention to when using the explosive trace detector?

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Do you want to know why you are queuing at the airport checkpoint and what are these machines doing? That is that they are looking for explosives. The emergence of explosive threats poses a challenge to aviation safety. Explosive trace detector (ETD) is a screening technology that has been used in a variety of combat environments including aviation, maritime, and national borders.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of using the explosive trace detector:

Precautions before the explosive trace detector is issued

Choose us-- Reduce your trouble of using and cleaning

How does the explosive trace detector work?


Precautions before the explosive trace detector is issued

Generally speaking, if the temperature of the test environment is above 20 degrees, the activity of the lysate will increase, making it easier to separate drug molecules. Below 20 degrees, the speed of separating drug molecules will decrease.

Here are the precautions for using the explosion detector:

Do not touch water and dirt;

Handle with care to prevent impact;

It is forbidden to use explosion detector when detecting combustible steam;

No disassembly or replacement of batteries is allowed on site;

The battery should be taken out if the instrument is not used for a long time.

Explosive trace detector (ETD) 

Choose us-- Reduce your trouble of use and cleaning

Accurate detection of advanced vacuum ultraviolet lamp ionization technology. In actual work, there is no need to package for dangerous goods. You only need to wipe the checked packaging with paper to detect whether dangerous goods are carried. It is easy to operate. Our explosives detector has dual modes to realize dual mode detection of explosives and drugs. It can accurately identify the component types of dangerous goods.

Our high-speed analytical detection and analysis are faster than similar products, and test results can be obtained within 3 seconds. And can automatically calibrate to adapt to a variety of environmental changes. In addition, there is an automatic cleaning function to adapt to various environmental changes, reducing your troubles and cleaning troubles.


How does the explosive trace detector work?

Explosives and drug powders are usually very small and easily adsorb on the surface of any object. Some powder or particles will inevitably remain on the hands or surfaces of people who have touched explosives or drugs. A single particle may contain trace levels or more explosives or drug ingredients. Wipe the surface of the object to be tested with test paper and put it in the explosives and drug detector for analysis. The molecules of the tested substance must be heated at high temperature and converted into gaseous state and then enter the ion transfer tube with the air. In the ionization zone of the ion transfer tube, the air. The molecules are ionized and form ion clusters, and explosive molecules interact with these ion clusters to form new molecular ion clusters. When the ion gate is opened, these molecular ion clusters enter the migration zone under the action of the electric field and continue to move forward under the action of the electric field. In the migration zone, the migration speed of molecular ion clusters is related to its charge-to-mass ratio. Therefore, the time for different molecular ion clusters to reach the detector at the end of the migration zone is different. The explosive drug detector detects the weak pulse from the detector. The current and its arrival time can be used to obtain the electron mobility spectra of different substances. Finally, by matching the electron mobility spectra with the reference material library, the type of substance can be judged.


Whether it is terrorists and bad actors or the use of explosive materials on the battlefield, Homeland Security and the Department of Defense bear the threat of explosives. That's why an explosive trace detector is needed. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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