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Can a pregnant woman walk through metal detectors?

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It is not easy for every pregnant woman to get pregnant in October, but it is impossible to stay at home all day. So every time you go through the security check, you will be worried. Is it safe to walk through a metal detector? The answer is actually yes. Passing the safety detector normally will not affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

Is walk through ametal detector safe for pregnant women?

Misuse of electronic equipment is harmful to pregnant women

1. Is walk through ametal detector safe for pregnant women?

I believe that many mothers will be worried, after all, the detector still has some radiation. But in fact, according to the Health Physics Society, metal detectors passing through the airport emit non-ionizing radiation. What is harmful to the human body is ionizing radiation. Therefore these detectors will not increase any risk of birth defects and miscarriage. In fact, anything that generates or uses electricity will generate a similar electromagnetic field. Just like our usual home appliances also produce some kind of electromagnetic field. For example: mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, etc. The low-frequency electromagnetic field is used by the walk through ametal detecto . The amount contained is very small. It's even similar to the electrical appliances in our home. So there is no harm in passing the metal detector briefly. Pregnant women can pass safely without worry.

2. Misuse of electronic equipment is harmful to pregnant women

Radiation is indeed one of the substances harmful to pregnant women, and prolonged exposure to high radiation is dangerous for both pregnant women and fetuses. Electromagnetic radiation is a kind of radiation. Although electromagnetic waves are invisible to the naked eye, electromagnetic waves do exist in our environment all the time and may affect the human body. Therefore, the frequent abuse of various electrical and electronic equipment may have an impact. For example, the computer's own radiation is within the acceptable range, but if it is behind the screen for a long time, it is not safe. Because the computer mainly radiates radio waves from behind, it should not have much impact if pregnant women stay in front of the computer for a short time. There is also a serious problem of mobile phone abuse. Nowadays, most people cannot leave their mobile phones. It's almost a phone with eyes open and a phone with eyes closed. This is harmful to pregnant women, and never put the mobile phone on the belly, which will affect the fetal brain activity. In short, the electromagnetic wave itself is not harmful, but if it is abused and not controlled, the situation will be completely different.Therefore, thewalk through ametal detectors itself is harmless.

The main purpose of walk through ametal detectors is to check metal objects. As long as it is not abused for a long time, it is just like your mobile phone and is safe for pregnant women.So, you can safely pass the metal detector at the security checkpoint.

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