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  • What is walk through metal detector?

    What is walk through metal detector ?In many public areas, we always see a metal square frame. Maybe we didn't know what it was before. In fact, that is walk through metal detector. So what exactly is a metal detector? Let's learn more.Ø Walk through metal detector.Ø It is prohibited to carry items.

  • What technologies are used in the narcotics trace detector?

    What technologies are used in the narcotics trace detector?HTD, Explosives trace detector or narcotics trace detector, provides a range of portable and desktop solutions designed to detect and/or identify various explosives (commercial, military or plastic) and narcotics.The solution is designed to

  • What is the principle of narcotics trace detector?

    What is the principle of narcotics trace detector?Many technology and principles are used for narcotics trace detector.This passage is going to talk about the following principles of narcotics trace detector: Ion mobility spectroscopy Some of the principlesConclusion Ion mobility spectroscopy Due to

  • What is infrared thermometer Box?

    What is infrared thermometer Box?In order to further normalize the epidemic prevention and control work and spare no effort to protect the health and life safety of patients and medical staff, many public places have installed infrared thermometers. So, what is an infrared thermometer? This article

  • What are the advantages of the narcotics trace detector?

    What are the advantages of the narcotics trace detector?The narcotics trace detector is an instrument that monitors the presence of drugs and explosives. After the criminal suspect has been exposed to explosives or drugs, the skin of these explosives or drugs will be stained with tiny particles of t

  • Is narcotics trace detector accurate?

    Is narcotics trace detector accurate?Is the narcotics trace detector accurate? The Explosive Trace Detector (ETD) is an explosives detection device that can detect small quantities of explosives. The detection is done by sampling invisible "trace" particles. Equipment similar to ETD is also used to

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