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How to find a reliable/direct x-ray baggage scanner manufacturer/supplier in China ?

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Maybe you can find a clue to the answer in the this report : . This is a report originally published on the official site of Chinese state railway and public transportation :

The report name is " 2021 China Urban Rail Transit Winning Enterprises Billboard - Security Inspection Equipment", which show in 2021, the total tender value in China railway and public transportation is around 45 million US dollars, among them, Safeway Inspection System Company Limited (Safeway System) account for 15.46% market share, being the second place. 

According to our sales record, since OEM and ODM services are our main business type, in 2021 tenders, we produced x-ray baggage scanners but with other companies' name and brands for the integrated security solution, like access control, video surveillance, communication and date server etc. So the total revenue of Safeway System mentioned in this report, are more than 15 million accounting more than 30% market share.

Urban Rail Transportation load the most daily-transit population of biggest and mordern cities of China. During the morden process of the whole country, it is vitally important and with huge investment.  The security management, with the most advanced requirements and efficiant anticipation of the city council,  will be in the public tenders with final outstanding market winners. 

According to the report, there are around 11 main players for the production and branding of x-ray security baggage scanners in China. Basically they are based on North, East and South. While most North companies come from state controlled investment and research centers, East and South are more private owned enterprises. Safeway Inspection System Company Limited (Safeway System), being one of the earliest private-owned security equipment manufactures in the South of China, now grew into the biggest manufacturing base in Sounth of China, with independent R&D centers, experienced engineers and production workers after 20 years consistent efforts and focusing on x-ray baggage scanner, explosive detector, liquid detector, metal detector etc. security equipment.

Safeway Inspection System Company Limited (Safeway System), with x-ray security baggage scanners with reliable/advanced performances, competitive prices, manufacturing and engineering capability, timely and responsible after-sales services, are the first-choice of big brands, distributors worldwide. Safer world with Safeway System. We are happy to have you on the way !



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