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What are the models of drug tracking detectors and their main functions?

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The portable drug detector is developed by a new generation of ion mobility spectroscopy technology. It adopts the generation, migration, identification and ion signal processing of trace sample ions. It has extremely high detection sensitivity and can directly detect extremely small amounts of heroin and cannabis. , Cocaine, ecstasy, viruses and methamphetamine and other drugs. The detection sensitivity of precursor chemicals can reach more than 10 grams, and the detection time is fast. It is the most practical drug detection instrument in the world.

Do you know what are the models of drug tracking detectors and their main functions?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of the models of drug tracking detectors and their main functions: 

What is track detector?

Application of narcotics trace detector

Models of drug tracking detectors and their main functions


What is track detector?

Tracking detector is a device used to measure and reconstruct the trajectory of charged particles. They are developed and used for physical experiments in the fields of nuclear physics, particle physics or astroparticle physics. In order to understand and analyze the physical processes being studied in these experiments, it is very important to reconstruct and accurately determine the flight path of the particles. From these particle trajectories, parameters such as particle momentum, particle type, and origin can be derived. Several detector technologies have been invented and are continuously being improved. The most important are various types of gas detectors, detectors based on semiconductor materials and scintillation detectors. In real experiments, multiple tracking (and other) devices are arranged into complex settings. The charged particle trajectory is reconstructed by using all available information from all tracking detectors. The actual reconstruction of events from original measurements is a difficult task, involving pattern recognition, trajectory and vertex fitting. For subsequent physical analysis, the performance of hardware and software must be optimized.

narcotics trace detector 

Application of narcotics trace detector

Raman spectroscopy technology can effectively distinguish the types of drugs by analyzing and comparing common drugs such as amphetamine sulfate, methamphetamine hydrochloride, morphine hydrochloride, and heroin hydrochloride. The Raman non-destructive test analysis of ephedrine, an important chemical raw material for the synthesis of "ice" and levamisole, which pretends to be ephedrine to synthesize "ice", can be completed on-site; rapid detection of whether illegal drugs and drugs are taken can also be realized.


Models of drug tracking detectors and their main functions

Narcotics trace detector, portable Raman spectrometer can be used to detect drugs.

The drug detector is a high-tech instrument suitable for the police, customs, border defense and other anti-drug departments to investigate and punish the use of parcels, luggage, etc. to contain drugs. Once a drug addict appears in the family, the family is no longer a family. While drug addicts are self-destructing, they also destroy their own families, causing the family to fall into the difficult situation of financial bankruptcy, separation of relatives, and even family destruction. Huge damage to social productivity: drug abuse firstly causes physical illness and affects production, and secondly causes huge loss and waste of social wealth. At the same time, drug activities also cause environmental degradation and reduce human living space. Drug activities disrupt social security: The intensification of drug activities induces various illegal and criminal activities, disrupts social security, and poses a huge threat to social stability. No matter how you take drugs, it will cause great damage to the human body. Therefore, the use of narcotics trace detector is very necessary.


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