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High Speed Baggage Scanner installed in S.F. Express

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End User and Cooperation Background

* Safeway System shakes hands with SF Express five times

* Leading domestic industry in high-speed intelligent security inspection machines 

* In Express market, Safeway System has nearly 10,000 operating equipment working

SF Express is the leading integrated logistics service provider in China and the fourth largest express delivery company in the world. In order to meet the high standards of SF Express's digital supply chain and the construction of intelligent high-speed sorting, Safeway System stood out from five suppliers and won the bid to cooperate with SF Express high-speed security inspection machine. 

Since 2015, Safeway System has continued for 6 years, to be shortlisted as the main suppliers of SF Express every year! During the cooperation period, Safeway System has been widely praised by SF Express for excellent service and early delivery, and won the 5-star supplier medal, which is the highest level. Safeway System thanks all partners for their appreciation and support and will make persistent efforts, continue to improve, and feed back to customers with better quality and service.

Market Requirements Analysis for Logistic, express, post industry

X-Ray baggage scanner for cargo security inspection from China manufacturer best price

Solution and Configuration

X-Ray baggage scanner for cargo security inspection from China manufacturer best price

X-Ray baggage scanner for cargo security inspection from China manufacturer best price

configuration and layout X-Ray baggage scanner for cargo security inspection from China manufacturer best price

High Speed inteligent X-Ray Machine

Safeway System won the bid of The high-speed security inspection machine project, which can run at a speed of 1.5m/s, leading domestic industry. It also adds intelligent image judgment function, and adopts visual analysis and density algorithm to quickly and accurately identify knives, liquids, flammable and explosive, etc. Prohibited items; and access to the SF Express data interface to meet the application requirements of multiple scenarios such as centralized map judgment, remote supervision, and automatic sorting. 

During the installation, we also faced new challenges: the installation location was at an altitude of 7 meters and faced extremely difficult installation conditions on the site. Safeway System eliminated all difficulties with huge investment of labors and money. The after-sales installation team built a 20-meter steel platform and installed it with a large super-high crane. 

It is reported that the Safeway System 2m/s ultra-high-speed security inspection machine has also completed the test and will be put into use in the near future. Thanks to the ultra-high-speed security inspection machine, the entire delivery chain will be faster and safer!

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, China's parcel express volume exceeded the sum of developed economies such as the United States, Japan and Europe. In the face of the new plan of "14th Five-Year Plan" for intelligent digitalization, the upgrading and transformation of the supply chain will continue to deepen, which will comprehensively set off a wave of digitalization and intelligentization of the industry.

As a trend-setter, SF Express will take the lead in the industry to establish a faster and safer intelligent sorting system, so that every package can be safely delivered to consumers after security inspection. As a strategic partner of SF Express, Safeway Sytem with accumulated experience in R&D, manufacturing and after-sales will be a valuable asset, bringing efficiency and safety to the entire logistics industry.

AT130100B High Speed Intelligent X-Ray Baggage Scanner



Installation and Sales Reference in express and logistic market

In China, Safeway System has a market share of 60% in the logistics industry, and nearly 10,000 devices are operating online in the express delivery industry. The states where the government is centrally purchased include Ningxia, Henan, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Beijing, and Tianjin. , Hunan Province, etc.  Safeway System are all qualifed as the main supplier, and it is the only manufacturer in the industry that has made all the finalists. Our customers include China Post, EMS, SF Express, Yuantong, Zhongtong, Shentong, Best, Yunda, Tiantian, Guotong, Yousu, Suer, Express, Leap, Jitu, Debon, Home Express, Suning, Jingdong and other express headquarters.

Part of the performance table of X-ray machines in the express delivery industry

Name                   Installed machines (2015-to this year/ sets)

SF Express                           1279

Yunda Express                     659

Full Peak Express                 241

ZTO Express                        643

Huitong Express                  824

Guotong Express                 133

YTO Express                       1194

Postal Express                      827

STO                                      686

Daily Express                       673

Express Express                   407

Home Delivery                    140                        150

Extreme Rabbit Express      355

Debon Express                    522

Jingdong                            1005

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