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High Speed Intelligent Express Logistic X-ray Baggage Scanner for Security Inspection

AT130100B, high speed conveyor scanner
  • AT130100B

  • Safeway System


Safeway System AT130100B high-speed X-ray security inspection equipment is a high-speed security inspection machine that is applied to intelligent sorting lines without destroying or modifying the assembly line. This baggage scanner machine also has an excellent radiation leakage protection design, which allows express companies to perform high-speed security inspections and protect the health of operators.


Intelligent image judgment: Visual analysis and density algorithm are used to quickly and accurately identify knives, liquids, and hard-to-penetrate items;

Technological innovation: The software reserves the development interface to realize the application requirements of multiple scenarios such as centralized map judgment, remote supervision, and automatic sorting;

Stable and reliable: The production process of the product is strictly controlled in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system. Through strict high and low temperature test, damp heat test and vibration test, the product can be continuously operated for more than 10,000 hours without failure.

Service guarantee: 24-hour after-sales telephone 400 666 2463 to provide technical support to customers at any time, 150 service teams are distributed all over the country, providing installation, maintenance and repair services.

Basic Parameters

Tunnel size 1300mm (width)*1000mm (height)

Conveyor belt speed 1.5m/s

Maximum load capacity 200kg

Penetration 43mm steel plate

Line resolution Φ0.0787mm wire

Penetration resolution Φ0.127mm wire

Spatial resolution horizontal: Φ1.0mm, vertical: Φ1.0mm

Radiation Safety

Single inspection dose less than 1μGy

Leakage radiation dose rate is less than 0.3μGy/h (the test at any place 5cm away from the outer surface of the equipment meets and is superior to domestic and foreign health and safety standards)

High-efficiency radiation protection Adopt double-layer staggered, wear-resistant and strong lead curtain, super-thick 2-5mm lead plate to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment


Image processing functions Color/black and white, local increase, high penetration, low penetration, super increase, organic removal, inorganic removal, inverse color, brighter, darker, gray sweep, zoom, false color, organic enhancement, suspicious item alarm mark , edge enhancement processing.

System functions POST, multi-level user management, image management, TIP management, curve diagnosis, keyboard diagnosis, device information query, multi-format image export, OSD operation function, image mirroring, 1-64 times stepless magnification, magnifying glass, operation Staff training, accurate positioning of the image of the package, clear channel reminder, remote operation software, one-key shutdown, intelligent roller (optional).

Structural Design

Anti-pinch device The unique anti-pinch design of the belt at the entrance and exit of the channel and the object rack is safe and reliable.

The three-dimensional indicator light and the four-corner column indicator light can display the working status of the equipment in a timely manner from all angles, and the appearance is simple and beautiful.

Humanized design Professional keyboard, with ergonomically designed workbench, easy to use and comfortable.

The high-quality belt has a diamond-patterned surface printing on the surface of the conveyor belt, which is more resistant to cutting and scratching during use; 3mm thickness is more resistant to stretching and is not easy to deform; the surface is anti-static, which is not easy to be polluted when used.

installation data

Overall dimensions (excluding the rack) 2780mm (length) * 1617mm (width) * 1922mm (height)

Working Power 220VAC(±10%) 50±3HZ

Power consumption 1KW

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Operating system available Operating system: Windows Operating system: linux
Outlook housing available
for mass production

two standard designs ( AT & B) , two OEM designs (ZA & HT )

one standard design (TH), two OEM designs (ZA & HT )
X-Ray Generators available 100kv, 140kv, 160kv, 200kv 80kv, 140kv, 160kv, 200kv
Brands of Generators available Safeway System; Spellman; VJ etc. Safeway System; Spellman; VJ etc.
Tunnels available (W*H; cm) 50*30; 60*40; 65*50; 80*65; 100*80; 100*100; 100*120; 120*140; 150*150; 150*180 50*30; 60*40; 65*50; 80*65; 100*80; 100*100; 100*120; 120*140; 150*150; 150*180
Different Views available Single view, dual view, three view Single view, dual view
Functions 4 colors dual energy 4 colors single or dual energy

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