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Can I walk through metal detector with pacemaker?

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There are special groups of people who have to use pacemakers to carry out their daily lives. When they need to travel, play, or work, standing in front of the through metal detector, they will inevitably have such a worry. Can I carry it safely through the walk through metal detector? The answer is yes, it is safe to pass a metal detector with a pacemaker.

What is a pacemaker?

Carrying a pacemaker can safely pass through the metal detector

1. What is a pacemaker?

Pacemaker is a kind of treatment method, which mainly involves the patient sending tiny electric pulses to the place where it is needed to stimulate the beating. It can be used for Parkinson's patients to stimulate the brain's movement-controlling related nerves and inhibit abnormal brain nerve signals, thereby eliminating the symptoms of Parkinson's disease and being able to take care of themselves. It can also be used for patients with a poor heart, who cannot maintain a normal life, work, and social activities. Stimulate the heart with a pacemaker. According to the way of carrying, it can be divided into external portable pacemakers, internal buried pacemakers and semi-buried pacemakers. Because of its special working principle, coupled with non-removability. So many people will be worried about whether it is safe to pass a walk through metal detector?

2. Carrying a pacemaker can safely pass through the metal detector

Walk through metal detector actually have a certain degree of safety and will not affect the daily life of patients. Related researchers found that it is safe for people with pacemakers to pass through metal detectors. This is because the magnetic field generated by the detector is very small, and the time to pass the detector is very short, usually about 3 seconds, and the pacemaker will only have an effect if it is suppressed for more than 6 seconds. So there will be no impact.

It should be noted that the pacemaker is still a metal object after all, so the patient will still trigger an alarm when passing through the arched metal detector. Don't be nervous at this time, just show the relevant documents after explaining the situation. Or, you can explain the situation to the security staff in advance and request other forms of inspection. And try not to stay too long near the walk through metal detector to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Finally, I will tell you a misunderstanding, although patients with pacemakers can safely pass through metal detectorBut it does not mean that this can be in and out of all places. Be sure to avoid going to places with strong magnetic fields and strong electric fields, such as high-voltage substations, radio transmission stations, radar transmission stations, etc., so as not to affect the normal operation of the pacemaker. Well, now everyone should have a certain answer as to whether they can carry a pacemaker through a walk through metal detector That's okay, so go out safely.

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