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What are the technologies used in the x-ray baggage scanner?

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Whenever traveling on holidays, whether it is railway, road or air transportation, it has an unprecedented busyness. All departments are busy handling the peak passenger flow that has arrived. Security inspections in such a crowded area in the station are inevitably the top priority. What are the technologies used in the x-ray baggage scanner?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of the technologies used in the x-ray baggage scanner: 

(1) Description of x-ray baggage scanner

(2) Principle of the x-ray baggage scanner

(3) Technologies used in the x-ray baggage scanner


(1) Description of x-ray baggage scanner 

The x-ray baggage scanner is called "the dangerous inspection instrument". The working principle is to use X-rays to illuminate the object to be inspected, use a computer to analyze the transmitted light, and analyze the characteristics of the penetrated object according to the change of the transmitted light. The image on the display is a computer simulation, highlighting dangerous items (differentiated by color). Many daily items will be ignored and will not be displayed. No harm to digital products, but very harmful to the human body. If human tissues are exposed to X-rays, irreversible disease will occur. However, everyone need not worry. The X-ray machine body and lead curtain can ensure that X-ray leakage is as small as possible, but for safety reasons, do not stay near the X-ray machine for too long.

x-ray baggage scanner 

(2) Principle of the x-ray baggage scanner

The principle of the x-ray luggage scanner is that the security device is an electronic device that performs inspection through a conveyor belt to transport the checked baggage to the X-ray inspection channel. The baggage enters the X-ray inspection channel, which blocks the package detection sensor, and the detection signal is sent to the system control part to generate the X-ray trigger signal, and the X-ray source that emits the X-ray emits the X-ray beam. The X-ray beam passes through the object to be inspected on the conveyor belt, and the X-ray is absorbed by the object to be inspected, and then bombards the semiconductor detector installed in the channel. The detector converts X-rays into signals, then amplifies them and sends them to the signal processing rack for further processing. These signals are processed and displayed on the display. "Whether there are several layers in the package, X-rays can penetrate and display the items in the package layer by layer.". 


(3) Technologies used in the x-ray baggage scanner

X-ray spectroscopy is a powerful experimental technique that can provide qualitative information about the elemental composition and internal stress and strain in the sample. High-energy X-rays can penetrate materials deeply, allowing inspection of dense objects such as welds in steel, geological core parts containing oil or gas, or for internal observation of chemical reactions in heavy equipment or machinery. Different experimental techniques such as X-ray fluorescence imaging and X-ray diffraction imaging require X-ray detectors that are sensitive to multiple energies. Mature silicon and germanium-based semiconductor detector technology has excellent energy resolution at X-ray energies below 30 keV, but above this, the detection efficiency is greatly reduced due to the reduction of the material quality attenuation coefficient. In order to detect high-energy X-rays, a detector made of a higher density material is required.


With the continuous development of detection technology and the development and commercialization of systems, x-ray baggage scanner can effectively help deal with dangers and threats. Give our society the safety and security. We hope this article has helped you understand more about the technologies used in the x-ray baggage scanner. If you have any problem about the x-ray baggage scanner, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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