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X Ray Cargo Inspection Scanner for All Courier Warehouse, Express Customs, Logistic, Airport Baggage Security Scanning And Imaging

AT120100B, Windows sytem, Dual View
  • AT120100B
  • Safeway System

AT120100B (tunnel size 120*100cm)

X Ray Cargo Inspection Scanner for All Courier Warehouse, Express Customs, Logistic, Airport Baggage Security Scanning And Imaging - 

Biggest Manufacturer with CE, FCC, FDA approved

Product introduction

    X-ray security inspection equipment is a new type of security inspection equipment that uses the penetrating ability of X-rays to realize quick and unopened inspection of luggage and cargo. Applicable to government agencies, courts, procuratorates, prisons, embassies, factories, schools, hospitals, stadiums, exhibition halls, entertainment venues for the security inspection of briefcases, postal parcels, express mail, hand luggage and small packages.

Technical parameters

1 line resolution 38 AWG

2 Penetration resolution 32 AWG

3 Spatial resolution Vertical: 1.0 Horizontal: 1.0 mm

4 Penetration force 34 mm

5 Organic matter resolution 1-120 mm

6 Gray scale, mixture resolution 1-60 mm

7 Inorganic resolution 0.2-14 mm

8 Effective material resolution meets the requirements of GB15208.1-2005

9 Single dose ≤4.5 uSv(uGy)

10 Leakage dose <1 uSv/h(uGy/h)

11 Noise level is not more than 55dB

12 Conveyor belt speed about 0.4m/s

13 Maximum conveyor belt load /

14 Maximum power consumption 0.4KW

15 Safety performance requirements Meet the requirements of GB15208.1-2005

16 Electromagnetic compatibility requirements

17 Electrical safety

18 Environmental adaptability

19 Leakage current is not more than 5.0mA

20 Film safety is safe for ASA/ISO 1600 standard film

21 Weight 890 Kg

22 Working environment temperature/relative humidity 5℃~40℃; 0%~90%

23 Storage temperature / humidity -20℃~+60℃/10%~90%

24 Atmospheric pressure 86kPa~106kPa

25 Working power supply AC220V+10%~-15%, 50Hz±3Hz

26 Operating system LINUX

27 RAM 1G


1 Power-on self-check It has a fault self-check function, and the corresponding fault information can be displayed when a fault occurs

(1. Emergency stop 2. Side panel open 3. Calibration failure 4. Acquisition system failure)

2 Image processing with color/black and white, partial enhancement, high penetration, low penetration, super enhancement, organic highlighting, inorganic highlighting, color inversion, brightening, darkening, gray scanning, zooming, organic marking, suspicious object identification, edge enhancement processing Features

3 Image pull back can realize the playback of 30 checked images

4 The number of image storage can store 500,000 inspected images

5 Real-time curve The real-time curve can be used to check whether the acquisition system and components are working properly

6 Time setting The system time can be set

7 Detecting point setting It can manually delete the dead pixels of the high and low energy detection board, and display the deleted dead pixels in the display area

8 X-ray source settings There are two options for the control mode of the digital source and the analog source.

Setting of ray source parameters

9 Alarm settings The alarm function can be turned on and off, the alarm type of the alarm frame, sound and light alarm can be selected, and the sensitivity, minimum absorption rate, maximum absorption rate, and alarm duration can be set

10 Fault diagnosis It can diagnose whether the entrance and exit light barrier, side panel switch, emergency stop switch, light source and other components are

Normal, and display the standard value and current value of the detected voltage

11 Image settings can set the drum rotation control direction and the image display movement direction

12 Software registration can realize software registration function, and has serial number, registration code, registration status, system time information display

13 User login By entering different user names and passwords to log in to the menu, only login can perform other

parameter settings

14 User management can add, delete, edit user name and password and set user level, restore

Deleted historical users

15 Permission management Different default permissions can be set according to user level

16 Language setting can set the system language, switch between Chinese and English

17 Log management can monitor user operations and query user operations

18 About Displayable version and device number

19 TIP report A report can be generated for the recognition TIP operation after the TIP insertion function is turned on. The report content: user name, number of TIP insertions, number of tags, misjudgment rate, detection probability, misjudgment probability

20 TIP management can be set to enable and disable the insertion of dangerous goods, can set the recognition time, prompt time, insertion frequency, percentage of single product, add TIP files and delete files

21 File management can query, open, and export checked images

22 Function settings You can set the work log level, save file time, whether to open the training function, whether

Turn on the smart roller to set

23 Statistics show the working hours of the system, the total working hours of the radiation source, the total number of baggage packages,

The total number of baggage packages this time, and the above data can be cleared

24 System parameter settings You can choose the exported data, pictures, and backup catalogs, and can set the motor type,

Select and adjust the detector type, whether to turn on the debugging mode, model, and gain,

You can enter the corresponding IP address on the network connection to realize the sharing function, and there are

The corresponding software can realize the system upgrade

List of key materials

1 X-ray generator Anode voltage: 160KV, cooling method: sealed oil cooling

2 Display 17-inch LCD display, resolution: 1280x1024

3 Control board IMX6_mainboard

4 Operation console Single operation console

5 Keyboard Dedicated keyboard

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