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What should be paid attention to when using x-ray baggage scanner?

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We always see X-ray baggage scanners in public places. So how much do you know about it? What should I pay attention to during use? If you are curious and have questions about it, please continue to read it. I will briefly explain it for you in three parts.

What is X-ray?

What is an X-ray luggage scanner?

What should I pay attention to during use X-ray luggage scanner ?

1.What is X-ray?

X-rays were discovered in 1895 by German scientist Wilhelm Roentgen while studying the production of cathode rays in vacuum tubes. He took a famous X-ray photo of his wife's hand. This photo caused a sensation. The public has aroused great scientific interest in this new form of radiation. Roentgen calls it "X", which means it is an unknown type of radiation. Later, the use of X-rays became more and more widespread. The two most common commercial applications of X-ray scanning technology are medical imaging and security scanning of luggage and cargo. Next, I will introduce the X-ray baggage scanner.

X-ray Baggage scanners

2. What is an X-ray luggage scanner?

X-ray security inspection device is an electronic device that uses X-ray scanning imaging technology to perform safety inspection on luggage. Compared with other security technologies, it has special advantages because it not only cannot help detect conventional metal weapons such as guns and knives, but also can help detect high-tech plastic, synthetic and ceramic weapons, explosives, and illegal weapons. Drugs and other contraband. Not only can these objects be detected with X-rays, but also their exact size, shape and location can be seen. It greatly helps the relevant departments in their daily inspection functions and ensures their safety.

3.What should I pay attention to during use X-ray luggage scanner?

Before operating the X-ray machine, check and test should be done to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

The formal test procedures for safety inspections include: the emergency shutdown switch should be in the released state, and there must be no objects in the inspection channel. All warning signs should be clearly visible. Check the equipment for damage to the shell panel, display, keyboard, etc. for inspection.

When the X-ray is in operation, do not reach into the equipment or let anyone else do so. It is important that all luggage loaded on the conveyor belt should be kept stable and at a suitable distance. In order to provide the best image for X-ray operator inspection.

Remember that some items are not suitable to be put into the X-ray baggage scanner, especially valuable items or babies, etc. Follow the instructions to avoid unnecessary accidents.

In short, this is only a small part of the content that should be paid attention to when using it, but in fact, you must read the relevant materials carefully, strictly follow the requirements, and maximize the role of the X-ray luggage scanner. If you have any questions, you can click to learn more.

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