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What is x-ray baggage scanner ?

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X ray Baggage scanner is a new type of security inspection equipment, which is also called security x-ray machine, x-ray luggage scanner, x-ray security scanner, that uses X-ray to penetrate and check baggage and cargo without unpacking examination. 

Application:  It is applicable for security checks on briefcases, parcels, express mail, hand luggage, and small parcels in government agencies, transportation, logistics, courts, procuratorate, prisons, embassies, factories, schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, and entertainment venues etc. 

Traditional singel view and advanced dual view, multi-view: When there is two views from two different angles, it is called dual view x-ray baggage scanner.  When there is three views or more, it is called 3D perspective x-ray scanner. Since it is originally and widely used in the airports, so it is normally recorded by airport baggage scanner. 

Security and Industrial X-Ray Scanner: We have many types of x-ray machines, basically it is divided into two categories: security inspection for the baggages, parcels, luggages etc., or industrial inspection for the food factories, food foreign material contaminationn. In this page, we mainly talk about the security x-ray machine. If you are interested in food x-ray machine, you can find them by choosing "Products" --> "Industrial X-Ray Machine" in the navigation bar.

Equipment System Composition of X-Ray Baggage Scanner

The system of a x-ray baggage scanner is composed of two parts: hardware and software.

The main parts of the hardware include:

(1) X-ray generator and controller

(2) X-ray detector

(3) Data acquisition device

(4) Mechanical device

(5) IPC and display device

The software section includes:

(1) System control part

(2) Image processing section

The block diagram of the equipment is as follows: X-ray generator, X-ray controller, electric control part, L-shaped detector array, Drive control part, photoelectric sensor sending, photoelectric sensor receiving, system control module, Special operation keyboard, data acquisition control, PC and display .

Working Principle of X-Ray Baggage Scanner

X-Ray Security Inspection Scanner is a set of imaging system that can produce digital radiant images. The purpose of the radiography system is to convert the detailed image information that is invisible to the naked eye to the visible image of the naked eye. In the traditional method, the optical imaging system is composed of light source, visual information receptor, visual signal conversion, and transmission equipment. Correspondingly, a typical radiometric digital imaging system includes radiation source, radiation detector, data acquisition and transmission equipment, and image processing equipment.

The X-ray generator is the core component of the X-ray baggage scanner. It is a device for producing X-rays in x-ray machines. The ray penetrates the detected object and is absorbed by the radiation detector.  X-Ray Security Machine's radiation detector is a solid scintillation detector. The detector transforms the received rays into analog voltage signals or current signals, and then sends them to the data acquisition system through a data transmission device. The data acquisition system transforms the received electrical signal into a digital signal recognized by a computer through a series of preprocessing processes, and then sends the digital signal to the image processing system. The image processing system is responsible for processing the input data according to the instructions of the data acquisition and transmission equipment, and the digital image is produced at the end. The generated images can be displayed on the monitor, and can be stored on the digital storage unit for future use.

The X-ray baggage scanner consists of baggage transport, X-ray source and control, signal acquisition, processing and transmission, image processing, and electric control. The X-ray baggage scanner uses a conveyor belt to send the luggage into the tunnel. When the baggage enters the tunnel, a photoelectric sensor sends a signal to the control unit, and the control unit triggers the X-ray source to emit X-ray. Passing through the collimator, the X-rays are formed to be very narrow fan-shaped ray beam, and penetrated the luggage on the conveyor belt and landed on the detector. The detector turns the received X-ray into electrical signal, and then the weak signal is amplified and quantified before sending through universal serial bus to the IPC for further processing.  High quality images are obtained after complex operations and imaging processing. Its working principles are as follows: Luggage, conveyor belt, enter tunnel, block photoelectric sensor, signal, control unit, x-ray source, x-ray, detector, data acquisition and transmission system, image processing, display.

The dual energy detector is used in the system, and the number of detector modules is two times that of the single energy system. Two detectors, which are sensitive to low energy and high energy X-rays respectively, are placed together to receive X-rays. Based on the signal value of the two detectors, the image processing system can obtain the material categories (including the organic, inorganic, and mixture), which are marked with different colors showing on the color display to help inspector identify the material composition of the inspected items.

The detector modules of the system are arranged in L shape, installed in the diagonal position of the X-ray generator. The X-rays emitted from the X-ray generator can scan the whole cross section of the tunnel. The design avoids the dead angle, scanning any part of the baggage passing through the tunnel.

The high efficiency detector converts the X-ray to a very weak current signal, and the current signal is amplified and sent to the analog / digital conversion circuit. The analog signal is converted to a 16 bit digital signal, and the digital signal is sent to the computer.

The computer corrects the deviation and inconsistency of each pixel's digital signal. Then, according to the corrected 16 bits of high-energy and 16 bit low-energy signals, it classifies organic matter and inorganic matter and performs edge enhancement and other basic image processing functions. The signals of each cross section of the item are converted into a list of images on the display, and the gray value of the image represents the extent of the X-ray absorption by the object. When the inspected object is entering the tunnel at a constant speed on the conveyor, it is being scanned layer by layer. The x-ray images after processed are displayed line by line and make up a complete x-ray image.

In order to help the inspectors understand the details of the image better and make the correct judgment, the system provides a variety of image analysis and evaluation functions. The use of these functions does not change the image data itself. After using these functions, the image can be restored to the original image.

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