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What is x ray baggage scanner?

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We will all see a machine in bus stations, subway stations, high-speed rail stations, etc. There will always be a few staff members reminding you that all your luggage must go through this machine. This is an X-ray baggage scanner, so what exactly is a baggage scanner? What are the scenarios it uses? Let's learn more.

What is an X-ray baggage scanner?

The scope of application of X-ray luggage scanner

Is the X-ray baggage scanner safe?

1.What is an X-ray baggage scanner?

X-ray luggage scanner is an electronic device that uses X-ray scanning imaging technology to perform safety inspection on baggage, and is used to pre-determine whether there are dangerous substances in the package. It usually consists of X-ray generator, X-ray detector, image processing system and other parts. The working principle is to use a small amount of X-rays to illuminate the object to be inspected, use a computer to analyze the transmitted light, and analyze the characteristics of the penetrated object according to the change of the transmitted light. So according to the color to judge the danger of the item.

X-ray baggage scanner

2. The scope of application of X-ray luggage scanner

In today's society, everyone has paid more and more attention to safety issues. The X-ray baggage scanner is also known as the "hazard inspection instrument". Therefore,  baggage scanner equipment is used more and more widely, and its importance is self-evident. We use X-ray luggage scanners in different fields, including: airports, borders, embassies, oil and gas, ports, prisons, shopping centers, etc.

X-ray luggage scanner is not a display, but it actually undertakes the task of protecting the whole. In fact, many people believe that only some knives, guns and other tools are dangerous goods and are forbidden to be carried on trains and airplanes. But I don't know the lethality of chemical dangerous goods, and mistakenly brought them to high-speed trains or planes. Therefore, at this time, X-ray luggage scanners are needed to help identify these dangerous goods. Otherwise, chemicals like these hair spray bottles and air fresheners are compressed gas and liquefied gas. When the pressure in the bottle exceeds the pressure limit of the container when heated, it will cause an explosion. This will be a very dangerous situation, so see the importance of X-ray scanners.

3. Is the X-ray baggage scanner safe?

Many people may be concerned that although X-rays are not harmful to digital products or other objects, they are very harmful to the human body. So is the X-ray baggage scanner safe? In fact, such worries are unnecessary, because in actual situations, the X-ray machine body and lead curtain can ensure that the X-ray leakage is as small as possible, which is completely within the scope of human health. Moreover, every device can only be sold after being tested by the relevant state departments, so everyone does not have to worry about its safety.

The X-ray baggage scanner has a wide range of uses and is very practical. And with the continuous development of technology, its functions will be continuously improved and developed. Our company specializes in X-ray luggage scanners, and can provide the most professional products and quality services. If you have such a need, please contact us as soon as possible.

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