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Thermal Imaging Scanner for Large Flow People

for fast and large flow of people
  • AT350

  • Safeway System

AT350 large flow thermal imaging 

body temperature screening system.


Safeway System AT350 large-flow thermal temperature screening system is a high-precision thermal imaging body temperature screening system, can be in real-time online measurement of the target object temperature, output thermal video, to view the temperature. With different supporting platform software, adapt to human temperature screening.

Powered and transferred data via a single USB line with a USB-first-line installation for quick USB deployment. The customer can compensate for the temperature on the ground of the deployment, according to the change sourcing environment, without the need for continuous calibration of the black body, and the accuracy of the error can be guaranteed at ±0. Within 5degrees Celsius.  

High-flow thermal body temperature screening system.

At the same time, infrared and microlight technology is used to make it imaging at different wavelengths, simultaneously detect the target's two-dimensional geometric space and one-dimensional spectral information, and then use a certain image processing algorithm to analyze and process the multi-band image, make full use of the useful information synthesis image in various channels.

The use of "high-flow thermal imaging temperature screening system, can be efficient lying, so that people quickly and orderly passage, not because of the outbreak control, affecting the normal access of personnel, that can effectively prevent the outbreak, but also can not affect the normal working life.

The high-flow thermal temperature screening system has the characteristics of "contactless detection, high-precision temperature screening, abnormal body temperature warning". Within 3 meters, the body temperature of the person in and out can be quickly detected in non-contact mode, the system temperature measurement accuracy reached 0.5 degrees,0.5  sensitivity  of 0.1 degrees, when the body temperature of the person exceeds the warning temperature threshold, such as suspected fever, the equipment will alert the person to carry out further examination, changed the original close-up, contact temperature measurement means.

The successful application of high-flow thermal temperature screening system meets the need for accurate temperature measurement of high-density population in public places and improves the efficiency of detection.  In particular, the epidemic prevention and control into a critical period, the wave of rework is coming, both to prevent the outbreak, but also to restore the economy, infrared thermal imaging to use temperature screening, is a very important work.

Advantages of a high-flow thermal body temperature screening system:

It uses infrared, micro-light fusion, combined with infrared, microlight advantages, so that the imager resolution is higher, monomer is more easily recognized, and solves the single infrared can not pass through the glass defects, can maintain a high clarity.

The disadvantages of existing thermal imaging products:

The price is too high: tens of thousands of yuan, enterprises and institutions, schools, hotels, construction sites, restaurants and so on, can not afford high prices of thermal imaging products.

Intelligent not enough: infrared can not recognize the face, found high temperature of personnel, once the person left, can not trace.  

Equipment requirements: personal identification and human identification, all need high-resolution thermal imaging products, which also causes the cost of rising, not conducive to some small and medium-sized human traffic sites.

Temperature is not accurate enough: the temperature is not accurate enough, the need to increase the black body temperature, high false positives, and other defects.


In response to such disadvantages, the combination of microlight and thermal imaging has been developed to develop a high-flow thermal temperature screening system that can be directly targeted at enterprises and institutions, hotels, hotels, schools and other low-flow.  

Product characteristics.

Product concept is based on the current domestic and foreign market thermal imaging in product performance, structural lightweight, cost-oriented and intelligent, product stability and other aspects of the latest requirements, the use of advanced fusion technology, the establishment of the international leading level of joint intelligent algorithm technology, products on behalf of the latest requirements in the market and future market consumption trends.

Ø PC-free PC temperature measurement, PC PC temperature measurement two modes, to maximize the reduction of field installation.

Ø Visible light, infrared double-synchronous human body detection, visible light to identify the human face, infrared to carry out accurate forehead positioning temperature measurement.

Ø High-flow thermal body temperature screening system supports a resolution of 320 x 240.

Ø Visible light and infrared can simultaneously delineate areas that are different.

Ø Image output mode: Connect to a computer or phone via Ethernet, or WIFI.

Ø Supports face recognition, body recognition.

Ø Intelligent locator stoops temperature with an accuracy error of less than 0.5degreesC.

Ø Temperature excess, local alarm, and can confirm the fever data uploaded to the command center.

Ø The product has the following interfaces:

Ø Secondary temperature software, according to the different regional environment, by the customer's own on-site secondary calibration of the school temperature.

Ø For people with super-temperature, visible and infrared photos can be taken on their own and archived for easy traceability.

Ø Temperature information can be reported to the Government Statistics Center in real time to achieve a quick understanding of information.


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