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Smart Security Access Control System

walk through metal detector+infrared door+access gate
  • AT-300V
  • Safeway System

Product Introduction

Safeway System has launched a new generation of integrated intelligent security access control system, which integrates thermal imaging temperature measurement, human identification, access gates, and metal security gates into one through the Android system. This information management platform can effectively improve the quality of the security control of schools, hospitals, supermarkets, prisons, courts, enterprises, exhibition halls, and conference centers, and improve the efficiency of security inspections, and save labors.


Product advantages

l Andriod system, strong stability, extensive extended functions

l Intelligent information platform, unified management of all integrated functions

l 29-inch large screen display, visualized information is clear at a glance

l Support the identification and comparison of second-generation resident ID card information

l Integrated thermal imaging temperature measurement, fast, comprehensive and not easy to miss

l Integrated channel wing gate, providing an orderly and civilized way of passage

l Using ultra-wide door body, beautiful and stable appearance

l Support for filtering and testing of metal items, significantly improving the quality and efficiency of safety inspections

l The human-computer interaction interface is more convenient and faster.


Offline identification: No need to connect to the Internet, you can compare whether the subject is consistent with the second-generation resident identity card information offline.

High-end access gate: When personnel enter, the gate will automatically open for 5 seconds after the real-name system comparison is successful. When personnel come out, the gate will automatically open after sensing the human body.

Thermal imaging temperature measurement: Support 24-hour online non-sensing temperature measurement. After the real-name system is successfully compared, the system automatically collects the temperature quantity.

Large screen display: 29-inch display, real-time display of visual image data such as on-site heat map, metal location map, metal amount, identity comparison information, and snapshots.

Anthropomorphic metal safety display: Real-time metal safety information in the exhibition hall with super-large human body images, visually showing real-time images of metal location and metal strength.

One-key on/off: The system is equipped with one-key on and off functions to effectively simplify the operation steps and reduce the difficulty of use.

Door body material: The exterior is made of HPL material, which is exactly the same as the imported brand material, beautiful, generous, fireproof, corrosion-proof, moisture-proof and anti-collision, and does not deform.

Anti-vibration design: The world's original anti-vibration design will not cause false alarms under wind or man-made shaking.

Detection accuracy: The highest sensitivity detects a one-yuan coin in the middle of the door without underreporting and collusion. Excluding the influence of belt buckles, leather shoes, bras and other items, it can detect more than 150 grams of copper, aluminum, zinc and other precious metals or controlled knives and guns.

Anti-interference design: According to the surrounding environment, the frequency is automatically set to avoid interference when the machine is turned on. When multiple doors work side by side, they move closer to each other, and there is no obvious impact on the detection performance.

Location display: simulates the whole area of the human body defense area, suspicious objects can be accurately displayed in each area.

Four-side positioning lights: LED lights on all four sides of the door, which can intuitively display the area of prohibited items through the positioning lights, and the viewing angle can reach 360°

Operation mode: Human-computer interaction interface, use the mouse to set the interface parameters, which is convenient and quick.

Metal filter: support conventional small metal items filter function, can customize mobile phone smart filter function, smart filter

daily supplies.

Performance parameter

Smart identification control terminal module

Input voltage DC12V

Power consumption 20W

Operating system Andriod 7.1.1

Display 7-inch LCD display

Certified camera Binocular camera 2 million HD camera

ID card recognition Built-in second-generation resident ID card reader module

Channel wing gate

Input voltage 100V~240V

Equipment power 35W

Response time 0.2S

Passing speed normally open 50 people/min, normally closed 35 people/min

Dimensions: length 1400mm*width 185mm*height 1020mm

Weight 80kg

Thermal imaging temperature measurement module

Thermal imaging resolution 120x160

Temperature measurement range 30-45℃

Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.3℃

Temperature measurement distance 0.3~2m can be set

Working temperature 10℃~35℃ (precise temperature measurement)

Smart security gate

Power supply 187V~242V, 50/60HZ

Power consumption 35W

Display 29 inches

Dimensions: height 2430*width 1085*depth 650mm

Channel size height 2000*width 800*depth 645mm

Shipping weight about 160kg

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