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Smallest X-Ray Security Baggage Scanner for Shoes, Mails, Packages Imaging

Linux System, Single Energy
  • AT4233A
  • Safeway System

AT4233A belongs to the “X-Ray Baggage Scanner” product family, which are designed for the security inspection of the small laptop suitcase, handbags, baggages, parcels,  mailboxes etc.  

It is the smallest model of all X-Ray baggage scanners, with tunnel size 42(L)*34(H)cm, even smaller than AT5030A. Considering from the prices, it is the cheapest one. It’s widely used in the shopping malls, subways, schools, factories and other infrastructures. Also, it can be mounted in a vehicle for mobile use.

It is newly designed and produced by our company, with all the copyrights and patents reserved.

Product highlights

* With Linux operation system
* Built-in ARM CPU
* With Digital signal and processor
* Continuous hard work for 10000 hours
* Energy saving design
* Single energy
* Good quality images


  • Comprehensive leadership: First all-digital security inspection machine of China: From signal detection to image display, all signals are transmitted and processed digitally, with strong anti-interference ability and offer high definition scanned image

  • Unique system: With embedded Linux operating system, multi-core ARM, the system features a simple architecture, low power consumption, energy saving and environmentally friendly, meanwhile it has a real-time status monitoring function to keep abreast of the device work process. 

  • Safety and environmentally friendly: The equipment meets safety and environmental standards. 

  • Stable and reliable: The production process is strictly controlled in accordance with the IS09001 quality management system. Through rigorous high-low temperature experiments, wet heat experiments and vibration experiments, it is certified that the product runs continuously for more than 10, 000 hours without failure. 

Equipment Functions 

  • Imaging process functions: Color/BW, Local Enhancement, Super Enhancement of High Penetrating Power, Enhancement of low Penetrating Power, Super Enhancement, Negative, Brightening, Darkening, Gray-Level scan, Zoom in and out, Previous/Next. 

  • System functions: Power-on self-test, multi-level user management, image management, TIP management, curve diagnosis, keyboard diagnosis, device information query, multi-format image export, OSD operation function, image mirroring, 1-16 times continuous magnification, magnifying glass, Operator training, accurate positioning of package images, empty channel reminders, remote operation software, one-button shutdown, and intelligent roller engine (optional). 

Tunnel size


Unit weight


Unit size

1531(L)*668(W)*890(H) mm


Typical 16mm steel

Wire Resolution

Typical AWG40

X-Ray generator

80-100KV, oil cooling, from top to bottom

Conveyor Speed(m/s)


Conveyor Max Load(kgs)


Conveyor height(mm)


Other Functions

Fault diagnosis, system time setting, detection blind dots delete, x-ray source setting(analoge or
digital), alarm setting, images setting, software register, user management, TIP report, data
setting(machine working time, x-ray source working time, baggage counter, etc.)

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