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Shoe Sole Metal Detector

  • AT3600
  • Safeway System


Safeway system AT3600 Shoe Sole Metal Detector is a creative new product specially designed to detector metals in shoe and soles. It’s good to be used with walk through metal detectors and hand held metal detectors to perform high-efficiency and comprehensive inspections in airports, government departments, prisons, important events, high-end electronics factories, gold and silver jewelry factories, etc.


Product highlights

Ø Power on self calibration

Ø Quickly detect all kinds of dangerous items hidden in the shoe and soles

Ø Waterproof and anti-slip

Ø Alarm with light and sound

Ø Count the number of persons and alarms


General specification

Ø Dimensions:     520*420*160 mm

Ø Detection area       Inside the shoe and under the feet

Ø Detection target:     Dangerous goods such as blades, clips, miniature pistols, detonators, lighters, etc.

Ø Detection distance:       

1. Common stainless steel folding fruit knife 150 mm*66 mm, detection distance 125 mm

2. #5 battery, detection distance 80 mm

3. Iron cutter 57 mm*17 mm, detection distance 50 mm

4. CR2450 button battery, detection distance 40 mm

5. Ordinary stainless steel (2Cr13), detection distance 40 mm

6. L-type inner hexagonal wrench (tool steel 45#) 80mm*30mm, diameter 5mm, detection distance 40mm

7. One Yuan coin diameter 25 mm, detection distance 40 mm

8. Disposable lighter, detection distance 25 mm

Ø Power:    Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with charging adapter

Ø Power consumption: Standby 0.96W, Alarm 2.65W

Ø Working temperature: - 15 ° C ~ +55 ° C (relative humidity: 0 ~ 95%)



Ø A clear indication of the foot type detection area on the top

Ø Self-check indicator and alarm indicator

Ø The numbers of detected person and alarms are displayed on the LED screen.



When a detected person weighs more than 10 kg and the soles carry metals in the detection range, the sound and light alarms are triggered.



L*W*H 575mm*505mm*230mm

G.W. 5.5kg 

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