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Market Requirements Analysis for Logistic, express, post industry

Personnel management : Inspectors training and monitoring, based on the record analysis of inspection results

Cargo management : Directly and quickly measure the volume and weight on the assembly line, and intelligently detect the items through intelligent identification and equipment, and directly eliminate the safety risks of other dangerous goods such as flammable and explosive materials. Repeated training on detection samples through deep learning algorithms improves the accuracy of image recognition of dangerous goods, thereby reducing safety risks;

Equipment management : Real-time monitoring of the operating status of X-Ray Security Inspection Machine/Scanner/System, automatic alarm for abnormalities;

Video monitoring: items need to pass through the security inspection during the video monitoring, so that the security inspection records can be related with the video;

Data networking : X-Ray Security Inspection Machine/Scanner/System should have a data interface to access the central management center, and submit relevant data as required;

X-Ray baggage scanner for cargo security inspection from China manufacturer best price

Solution and Configuration

X-Ray baggage scanner for cargo security inspection from China manufacturer best price

X-Ray baggage scanner for cargo security inspection from China manufacturer best price

configuration and layout X-Ray baggage scanner for cargo security inspection from China manufacturer best price

Market Overview

In China, Safeway System has a market share of 60% in the logistics industry for x-ray security inspection baggage scanner, and nearly 10,000 scanners are operating online in the express delivery industry. Safeway Inspection System Limited(Safeway System), is the first choice for supplying x-ray security baggage scanner in Post, Express and Logistics industry. Today, we able to provide excellent on-stop solutions including metal detectors, explosive detectors, liquid detectors and other security equipment for the industry customers.

Key Client Cooperation

[ summary in 2019 ] The biggest and most famous express company in China, S.F. express, who gain respect and recognition by its perfect services, is our strategic partners. In 2017, for the third time, we beat all the competitors and be the contract owner with purchase value around 6 million US dollars. S.F. express said, they need experienced partners who can provide reliable quality products, quick delivery, good customized after-sales services. Because their express warehouse centers are so busy, the products need working 24 hours without breakdown. According to the cooperation in the past, we're the best one who can meet their requirement.

[ Memo in 2022]

* Safeway System shakes hands with SF Express five times

* Leading domestic industry in high-speed intelligent security inspection machines

* In Express market, Safeway System has nearly 10,000 x-ray security baggage scanner operating on line

SF Express is the leading integrated logistics service provider in China and the fourth largest express delivery company in the world. In order to meet the high standards of SF Express's digital supply chain and the construction of intelligent high-speed sorting which integrate x-ray baggage scanner, Safeway System stood out from five suppliers and won the bid to cooperate with SF Express high-speed security inspection machine.

Since 2015, Safeway System has continued for 6 years, to be shortlisted as the main suppliers of SF Express every year! During the cooperation period, Safeway System has been widely praised by SF Express for excellent service and early delivery, and won the 5-star supplier medal, which is the highest level. Safeway System thanks all partners for their appreciation and support and will make persistent efforts, continue to improve, and feed back to customers with better quality and service.

high speed x-ray cargo and baggage security scanner


The states where the government centrally purchased including Ningxia, Henan, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Beijing, and Tianjin. , Hunan Province, etc.  Safeway System are all qualifed as the main supplier, and it is the only manufacturer in the x-ray security scanner industry that has made all the finalists. Our customers include China Post, EMS, SF Express, Yuantong, Zhongtong, Shentong, Best, Yunda, Tiantian, Guotong, Yousu, Suer, Express, Leap, Jitu, Debon, Home Express, Suning, Jingdong and other express headquarters.

Part of the performance record of X-ray security machines in the express and logistic industry

Name                    Q'TY of Installed x-ray bagagge scanner (2015-to this year/ sets)

SF Express                      1279

Yunda Express               659

Full Peak Express           241

ZTO Express                   643

Huitong Express            824

Guotong Express           133

YTO Express                  1194

Postal Express               827

STO                              686

Daily Express                673

Express Express            407

Home Delivery               140                       150

Extreme Rabbit Express        355

Debon Express                       522

Jingdong                           1005

Customer's Feedback

Thanks Letter

Safeway System X-Ray baggage scanner/security inspection machine is the main force of safeguarding the capital's "moat" project. 

During 2022 the Beijing Winter Olympics, regardless of remuneration, cost, and harsh weather conditions, it provides timely services, qualified and reliable x-ray security machine, which contribute to the big success and safety of the Beijing competition area and Zhangjiakou competition area during 2022 Beijing Olympics.


Installation References

AT10080 x-ray baggage scanner in ZTO express


AT10080 x-ray security scaner in YT express


X-Ray baggage scanner in big logistic center

QQ图片20170526151553 X-Ray Scanner surrounded by huge parcels during shopping season

X-Ray Scanner surrounded by huge parcels during shopping season


AT150180 big pallet cargo scanner in DHL warehouse


High speed x-ray conveyor scanner in logistic center


Intelligent x-ray scanner for sorting system

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