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Portable X-Ray Scanner for hotel baggage, parcels, packages, shoes, mails security inspection

Portable x-ray machine
  • AT2300
  • Safeway System

AT2300 Portable X-ray Security Inspection Scanner

AT2300 belongs to the “X-Ray baggage Scanner” product family, which are designed for the security inspection of the big baggage, luggage and cargo etc.  

It is mobile and portable x-ray scanning machines.

It’s widely used in the hotels, critical infrastructure etc. where require the x-ray devices in different locations and easy and fast ready to use


Product highlights

Relative small dimensions and lightweight of the syst
Autonomous power supply
Complete wireless connection, can be used to remotel
Powerful imaging software
Friendly multilingual interface
Operators don’t need massive training


Product introduction

   Safeway System AT2300 portable X-ray safety inspection equipment is a new type of split portable X-ray machine developed and produced by our company. The equipment adopts XRayMobile, a high-performance data acquisition and image processing system independently developed by our company, with high-performance X-ray generation source and The imported ultra-sensitive linear linear array scanning detector has the characteristics of strong penetrating power, clear image, large imaging area, small volume, light weight, convenient carrying and flexible maneuvering. It can quickly and effectively check hidden in parcels, vehicles and daily life. And dangerous goods such as weapons, drugs, explosive devices and other contraband in office supplies, provide fast and accurate security measures for counter-terrorism, detonation, detection, anti-smuggling, anti-drug and article identification, etc., and can be widely applied to explosion-proof safety inspection. , criminal technology investigation, mobile investigation and anti-drug, and sampling inspection of small factories.


Clear imaging: The imaging board adopts amorphous silicon area array technology, with fine pixel points and ultra-clear imaging. The image resolution can reach 2304*2800, 16bit gray level, and the layering can reach up to 65536:1, which is more than integrated portable X. The contrast of the light machine image is 200 times higher.

Strong penetration: can penetrate 60mm aluminum plate, 15mm steel plate, penetrating power is 6 times that of integrated portable X-ray machine.

Large field of view: The scanable area is up to 460*384mm, and can be customized according to requirements. The field of view is 3-15 times that of the integrated portable X-ray machine.

Wireless connection: The equipment communicates wirelessly without any interference. It is quickly assembled and deployed on site, flexible and flexible, effectively ensuring the safety and concealment of the inspectors. The farthest control distance can reach more than 30M.

Service Guarantee: 24-hour after-sales phone provides technical support to customers at any time. The 150-person service team is distributed throughout the country to provide installation, maintenance and overhaul.


Technical indicators

Basic parameters

X-ray source quality: 14Kg (including battery)

X-ray source size: L518xW185xH205 mm

Panel size: L384*W460*H15.2mm

Wear: 60mm aluminum plate, 15mm steel plate

Gray level: The world's leading 16-bit gray level, the highest level of hierarchy (65536:1)

Spatial resolution: >43 AWG

Penetration resolution: 40 AWG

Leakage radiation: 1. 1m from the X-ray radiation window: less than 7μGy/h ; 2. 50mm from the X-ray radiation window: less than 120μGy/h

Spurious radiation: The working position is 20m behind the radiation source. When X-rays are radiated, the stray radiation at the working position is less than 8μGy/h.

Radiation output: Radiation output is less than 45μGy/s

Wireless wifi transmission distance: 30 meters or more

Working temperature: -15 ~ 50 ° C;

Working humidity: 85%;

Working atmospheric pressure range: 86106KPa

Portable X-ray source

Tube voltage: 80Kv-120Kv continuously adjustable.

Tube current: 0.5mA - 1mA continuously adjustable.

Power supply: AC power supply 110V or 220V (built-in nickel-metal hydride battery).

Power supply: Ultra-capacity lithium battery, normal use for more than 4 hours.

Light source power: 0.12KVA.

Cooling method: oil cooling.

It can be connected to 220V AC. Work continuously for 24 hours without interruption.


Portable X-ray machine detection box

Detector size: 0.14mm CsI crystal line array scanning detector, real restore the items to be inspected.

Gray level: The world's leading 16-bit gray level, the highest level of hierarchy (65536:1).

Body size: L384*W460*H15.2mm.

Scanning area: 460*384.

Power: 10W.

Power supply: Ultra-capacity battery life lithium battery, capacity not less than 6600mA, can continuously detect 400 bags.


Computer configuration: Intel Core i5 processor; memory capacity 4G; hard disk capacity 500G; built-in DVD-RW burner; 14.1" TFT LCD screen, 1G discrete graphics.

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