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New Explosives And Narcotics Detector

New, explosives and narcotics synchronism detection
  • AT6600
  • Safeway System

Product Introduction 

Safeway System AT6600 All-in-One Intelligent Dangerous Goods Detector is a professional detection instrument based on ion migration spectroscopy technology, gas infrared sensing technology and radiation detection technology. It can detect trace amounts of explosives, drugs, poisonous gas and radioactivity. Substances are detected and analyzed in real time and quickly. AT6600 has fast detection speed, high sensitivity, simple operation, small size, light weight, easy to carry, easy to maintain, and can be applied to the inspection of dangerous goods in subways, airports, ports, border ports and crowd gathering places.



Analysis time: Within 15s

Detectable drugs: 

Common products such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, meth

Explosives that can be detected TNT, RDX, Tai'an, nitroglycerin, ammonium nitrate and other common explosives

Testable chemical warfare agents Tabun (GA), Sarin (GB), etc.

Can detect industrial toxic gases, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, etc.

working environment: -20℃~50℃ Relative humidity≤99%

physical dimension: 292mm(L)×171 mm(W)×136 mm(H)

-20℃~50℃ Relative humidity≤99%

292mm(L)×171 mm(W)×136 mm(H)

Weight ≤3.5kg

Detectable radiation types X-ray, γ-ray

Detection limit pg level (explosives and drugs), ppm level (toxic gas)

Product advantages

 Automated and real-time services: 

it can automatically calibrate, clean, diagnose, print analysis results in real time, update databases and software in real time, and store data in real time. 

 ● Diversified communication and remote control: 

It has wired communication methods such as Ethernet interface and USB interface, and wireless communication methods such as Wifi and Bluetooth, which can upload data to the cloud platform.

 ● Powerful substance library: 

The substance library contains nearly a hundred common drugs, explosives, industrial poisonous gases, and chemical warfare agents, and supports real-time update and expansion according to customer requirements.

 ● The alarm results can be displayed on the same screen at the meantime.

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