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Infrared Thermometer Door

  • AT300DX

  • Safeway System

Safeway System AT300DX temperature measurement walk through metal detector: The infrared temperature measurement is integrated with the security gate of metal detection. Before passing the metal security check, the infrared body temperature measurement is carried out first, and the sound alarm indicates abnormal body temperature, effectively preventing the spread of scale diseases;

Adopts international advanced electromagnetic compatibility design and shock resistant design, has a high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability and aseismatic ability, suitable for controlled knives and guns and other dangerous goods safety inspection, widely used in prisons, courts, schools, hospitals, electronics companies, port, the passenger, exhibition halls, convention centre, major celebrations, concerts and other important places.

Non-inductive temperature measurement: Temperature monitoring can be conducted on the personnel passing through the security gate. Test distance: 0.05-0.3 m, test height: not less than 1.5 m.

Human temperature screening: The built-in high-precision micro-24-hour dynamic infrared temperature monitor provides all-directional temperature scanning and screening for passers.

High-end parts: Melexis original medical infrared detector imported from Belgium is adopted, with long detection distance, high precision and stable quality performance, which is highly configured in China.

Ultra-high detection sensitivity: Can detect the size of half a paper clip of metal, no leakage and string.

Original flight alarm function: Throwing a metal object through the middle of a door also gives an accurate warning.

Intelligent resolution: Able to distinguish ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metal objects.

Ultra low sounding altitude: Any metal object more than 2CM above the ground entering the detection area can alarm

Multi zones alarm function: When a plurality of metals in different positions of the human body pass through the security gate, the alarm is raised simultaneously and the position of the plurality of metals can be indicated.

Metal size display: The intensity indicator will display the amount of metal when the alarm is given.

Startup self-diagnosis function: Self-check the system and display the test results.

Modular component design: Convenient transportation and maintenance.

Sensitivity of detection: The highest sensitivity detected a one RMB coin in the middle of the door, which would not be misreported or misreported. It could detect precious metals such as copper, aluminum and zinc above 150 grams, or controlled knives and guns, excluding the influence of belt buckles, leather shoes and bras.

Anti-interference design: According to the surrounding environment, the starting frequency is automatically set to avoid interference, and when multiple doors work side by side, they are close to each other, which has no significant impact on the detection performance.

Frequency set: 11 kinds of frequencies can be set automatically, and different tones can be set at different frequencies. Frequency can also be set manually.

Sensitivity adjustable: Sensitivity can be adjusted as needed, a total of 1000 sensitivity.

Passenger count: Bilateral contraption infrared can accurately detect the number of people passing through and alarm number.

Four sides alarm bars: Two sides of the door body are equipped with LED lights, which can visually display the area where prohibited items are located by positioning lights.

Sound-light alarm: 9 types of alarm sound can be selected, each of which has an 8-level adjustable tone and an adjustable alarm time.

Panel design: LED display, Chinese and English panel switch.

Shockproof design: The world's original seismic design, in the wind or artificial shaking under the false alarm.

One key set: The built-in smart chip can store the set value of detection sensitivity recommended by a variety of places, making it convenient for users to choose quickly.

Frame materiel: PVC appearance, and imported brand material is completely the same, beautiful, generous, fire, corrosion, moisture and anti - collision, deformation.

Remote control: Use the remote control to set the parameters. The parameters can be password protected, which can’t be operated by unauthorized personnel.

Network management: Reserved communication interface, can be connected with computer, camera, three rollers, monitoring, statistical detection, adjust the security gate parameters.

Safety protection: comply with international safety standards, it is harmless to heart pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, magnetic media, etc.

Through the European Union CE, FCC, RoHS certification;

Radiation shall be carried out in accordance with EN50081-1;

Anti-interference shall be implemented according to EN50082-1 standard;

Passed ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification;

Passed ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certification;

OHSAS occupational health and safety management system certification;

Strictly implement the national standard of GB15210-2003.

Gross weight:                     52.5KG

Power consumption:               <15W

Operation temperature:            0℃~40℃

Operation humidity:               95%, No condensation

Power supply:                    187V~242V, 50/60HZ

working frequency:                Adjust according to the installation environment

Outer dimension:                 2210(H)×810(W)×605(D) mm

Inner dimension:                  1980(H)×700(W)×605(D) mm


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