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Infrared Temperature Thermometer Box

  • AT320

  • Safeway System

The infrared body temperature screening instrument independently developed by afeway System . Adopt unique non-contact human body infrared surface temperature detection technology, and uses a high-precision temperature measurement sensor imported from Belgium to detect the body surface temperature, with voice warning Abnormal body temperature function, which can effectively prevent the spread of large-scale diseases, can be used alone, or can be widely integrated in security inspection doors, ordinary doors, intelligent temperature measurement access control systems, temperature measurement and disinfection equipment and other equipment that require integrated temperature measurement functions.

Human body temperature screening: Built-in high-precision miniature 24-hour dynamic infrared body temperature monitor, which can perform body surface temperature monitoring and screening for personnel.

Non-sensing temperature detection: the detection distance is 1CM to 10CM, and the detection height can be installed by the user.

High-end components: using the original Melexis infrared detector imported from Belgium, with high precision, stable performance and reliable quality, it is a high-end domestic Configuration.

Modular component design: it can be used alone or can be integrated in various devices and instruments to achieve temperature measurement function.

Easy to use: it can be used when plugged in, no professional installation is required.

Quick screening: Actively collect infrared temperature data, no need for human operation, and complete temperature measurement in less than 1 second.

Non-contact temperature measurement: The fixed infrared temperature sensor measures the temperature of the human wrist or forehead to avoid direct contact between the temperature measurement person and the person being measured, causing cross infection.

Voice prompt: The passer-by will measure the body temperature and broadcast two kinds of voice information: "normal body temperature" and "please check the body temperature" to promptly check the person with abnormal body temperature. And can be customized to broadcast announcements in various languages.

Application environment: The ambient temperature of the place of use is low, and the temperature measurement and screening work can be performed normally at minus 10 ℃.

Panel display: High-brightness digital tube display, clear and clear panel information.

Anti-high temperature false alarm: STM highly intelligent start temperature measurement program can prevent false alarm caused by high temperature.

Product weight: 0.3kg

Power consumption: less than 8W

Working temperature: -10~40℃

Working humidity: <95%, no condensation

External power supply: AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz

Working voltage: 12V

Temperature measurement time: about 1 second

Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.3

Temperature measurement distance: 1-20CM

Product size: 170*115*33mm (excluding bracket and power adapter)


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