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How does an X-Ray Baggage Scanner Work?

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Although X-ray baggage scanners are widely used, thousands of luggage are checked every day. But I believe that many people still have questions about how it works. With these questions in mind, let's read the article.

The workflow of X-ray baggage scanner

The working principle of X-ray luggage scanner

X-ray logistics industry development

1.The workflow of X-ray baggage scanner

First, briefly introduce the working process of the X-ray luggage scanner. First, it transports the checked luggage to the X-ray inspection channel through the conveyor belt. Then the baggage enters the X-ray inspection channel, the detection signal is sent to the system control part to generate an X-ray trigger signal, and the X-ray source that emits X-rays will emit an X-ray beam. Then the X-ray beam passes through the object to be inspected on the conveyor belt, is absorbed by the object to be inspected, and then is reflected to the semiconductor detector installed in the channel. The detector also converts X-rays into signals, which are then amplified and sent to the signal processing rack for further processing. Finally, these signals are processed and displayed on the display.

X-ray baggage scanners

2. The working principle of X-ray luggage scanner

Its working principle is basically based on the amount of radiation passing through the baggage. The radiation amount is picked up by a pair of detectors on the opposite side through X-rays emitted from one side of the machine. The computer can form a near real-time image of the item. So that security personnel can check any suspicious items. And after X-ray inspection, the items in the luggage will show the general shape on the display screen and display them in yellow, green, black and other colors. Generally, yellow items are organic, such as plastic and food. They are safe. Note the green and black items. If there are many green or black objects, or they are in the shape of a dagger or a knife, the passenger will have to open the luggage for inspection. If dangerous goods are strictly prohibited, such as guns, ammunition, controlled knives, etc. entering the station, they will be confiscated if found. So remember not to bring such dangerous items into the station.

3. X-ray logistics industry development

Since X-ray baggage scanner equipment is extremely practical, it can be applied in many fields. Nowadays, with the continuous development of Internet technology, more and more people choose to buy goods online. Therefore, the logistics industry is developing rapidly. But this also has this problem. Many criminals will also use this to deliver drugs and poisons, and even cause major dangerous damage. To prevent these situations from happening, logistics companies can also use X-ray baggage scanners to check whether the baggage to be transported is safe. It is convenient to reduce the occurrence of such hazards and ensure social safety and stability.

You should have a certain understanding of the work of the X-ray baggage scanner. Of course, there will be differences for different models and types of scanners. To learn more and more professional knowledge, you need the help of professionals. If necessary, please contact online or call the hotline.

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