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Handheld Gas Detector

explosives and gas detection
  • HD6700
  • Safeway System

Product introduction: 

Safeway System AT6700 is a handheld detector independently developed by Safeway System that can be used for on-site detection of chemical warfare agents, industrial toxic and harmful gases and radioactive substances. It adopts advanced ion mobility spectroscopy technology and integrates ray detection modules. It has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high sensitivity, simple operation and easy maintenance. It is widely used in military anti-terrorism and security monitoring in public areas such as subways, customs, and firefighting.

Product advantages:

1. Ready to use: boot time is less than 10s;

2. Friendly interface: easy to use and easy to maintain;

3. Hand-held operation: small and compact, light weight;

4. Trace detection: high sensitivity, detection limit can reach ppm level;

5. Extremely fast analysis: detection time <5s, real-time monitoring of changes in environmental toxic gases;

6. Automatic calibration: automatically calibrate when power on to adapt to changes in external environmental parameters;

7. Automatic diagnosis: automatically diagnose whether the instrument is operating normally, and can prompt and issue a warning in real time;

8. Real-time update: data can be updated and backed up in a variety of ways at any time;

9. Real-time printing: the printer can be connected via wired or wireless means to print test results and historical data in real time;

10. Real-time storage: data can be stored, retrieved, and exported in real-time, and the storage volume is no less than 10,000;

11. Diversified communication: USB interface and Bluetooth or Wifi wireless communication method;

13. Strong environmental adaptability: waterproof and dustproof, able to work in harsh outdoor environments;

12. Remote control: data can be uploaded to the cloud platform to realize remote monitoring and remote status control;

14. Independent battery: detachable and independently rechargeable battery module, optional multi-battery backup battery life support.

Technical index:

Detectable chemical warfare agents: Tabun (GA), Sarin (GB), etc.

Can detect industrial toxic gases: hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ammonia (NH3), etc.

Database: samples can be added at any time as needed

Detectable radiation types: X, gamma rays (50 keV~1.25 MeV)

Detection limit: ppm level

Response time: <5s

GPS positioning: ≤5 meters

Battery: Lithium battery pack 7.4V/3500mAh

Appearance size: 216mm (length) × 96 mm (width) × 50mm (height)

Weight: less than 1kg (including battery)

Protection level: IP65

Working and storage environment: -20~50°C, relative humidity ≤99%

Application areas: anti-terrorism, safety supervision and security, environmental emergency monitoring, industrial production, petrochemical, customs, fire protection, health and other fields

1. On-site detection of chemical warfare agents in military counter-terrorism;

2. Emergency response to the leakage of highly toxic and dangerous goods;

3. Industrial odor and poisonous gas detection and real-time monitoring;

4. Safety inspection in public places and crowd gathering places;

5. Environmental monitoring and real-time monitoring of environmental pollutants;

6. Detection of hospital waste and medical waste

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