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Cars and Vehicles X-Ray Scanning System

Side Scanner, simple and economic
  • AT2600

  • Safeway System


AT2600 is an X-ray vehicle detection system independently developed by Safeway System, which uses X-ray ray transmission imaging to generate fluoroscopic images. The fan-shaped x-rays emitted by the x-ray device when the vehicles pass through. Due to the different density of different parts of various items, the degree of absorption of X-rays is different, resulting in different signal strengths . From the scanned image, we can distinguish whether there is a suspected dangerous goods condition for inspection purposes.

      The system is based on automatic detection, supplemented by manual inspection. Based on the intelligent model, the automatic detection system constructs a complete inspection process, so that the vehicle can be inspected while driving, and the loading condition of the vehicle can be clearly discriminated.

The AT2600 can be installed at a highway toll station to enable rapid inspection of fresh agricultural transport vehicles.



l Fast speed: The vehicle under test passes at a speed of 3~30km/h and completes the test within a few seconds. The detection speed of standard trucks is <5s (driving at 15km/h)

l Automation:

Automatic detection using X-ray inspection mode without manual intervention

Ø Automatic intelligent analysis: based on the intelligent model, build a complete set of inspection processes, so that the vehicle can be inspected while driving, and can automatically determine the condition of the inspection vehicle.

l Security:

Only one car is allowed in the area to be inspected, and the front and rear rails are interlocked.

Marking line: If the bus and pedestrian are prohibited from entering the X-ray lane, the radiation supervision area

Adjacent road protection baffle to protect the radiation safety of adjacent lanes

l Advanced technology

Ø The system adopts the international mainstream integrated ray machine and linear CMOS imager, which makes the image quality of fluoroscopic imaging higher than similar products.

Ø Automatic beam control technology greatly extends the service life of the tube, which can reach more than 10,000 hours.

l Reliability:

X-ray tube with automatic beam-out control technology can be used continuously for more than 10,000 hours. According to the use of the vehicle detection system, the life will be longer.

Ø The system and products are designed in a modular structure, and the system can be operated 24 hours a day.

l Economical:

Ø The system adopts modular structure design, small footprint and is directly installed on the safety island. The product adopts modular structure design and double door structure, making maintenance easy and fast.

l Customization: Provide customized solutions based on customer needs and site conditions

Technical data

X-ray source subsystem: tube voltage 160kv (maximum 160kv), 

The tube current is 0.3~1.2mA, and the voltage and current are adjustable.

X image acquisition subsystem: effective length 2400mm, pixel value <2.5mm

Scanning vehicle time <5s (15 km/h driving speed)

The maximum size of the scanned vehicle: 3.5m wide, 4.5m high, and unlimited length (depending on the length of the lane safety island)

Detection speed: 3~15km/h

Detection method: the driver self-driving through the detection channel, the system automatically avoids the cab and detects the compartment

Safe and reliable:

Actively avoiding the cab

Test items: the load of the car and the location of the mixed goods, etc.

     (1) Real-time display of the interior of the car

     (2) Automatically determine the position of the goods

AT2800 is designed as a passenger vehicles and small cargo (including minibuses) screening system, with  higher penetraon ability than AT2900. The X-Ray is from top to bo1om, which give a be1er perspecve than  side scan for detecon of contraband, illegal drugs, weapon and other dangerous objects. It's equipped with a  gantry rail which can move forward the cars and vehicles automacally, leaving the drivers and passengers  outside the cars, zero radiaon. The product is part of the cargo and vehicle inspecon system family of  products that complies with the ANSI 43.17 regulaons for general use.


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