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Handheld Raman Spectrometer
  • AT6800

  • Safeway System

Product introduction:

A T6800 handheld Raman spectrometer is a professional material identification instrument based on Raman spectroscopy technology. This spectrometer integrates automatic calibration, detection, map processing, database retrieval and identification in one, which can accurately and quickly detect and analyze the material components. AT 6800 has fast detection speed, high sensitivity, simple operation, small size, light weight, easy to carry, easy to maintain, and can be used in public security, drug rapid inspection, food safety, jewelry identification, API testing, biomedical, On-site rapid identification in multiple fields such as geology, geology and minerals.

Product advantages:

1. Non-destructive analysis: One-click collection, rapid non-destructive testing, without direct contact with samples, and can be tested through transparent and semi-transparent containers such as glass, plastic bags, and beverage bottles;

2. Intelligent analysis: The laser power is adjustable, and a variety of excitation light sources such as 785 and 830nm are optional, and the power can be automatically adjusted according to the response sensitivity of the material signal;

3. Accurate detection: high resolution, good fingerprint specificity, easier to extract characteristic peaks, and accurately give the characteristic code, category and chemical composition of the tested substance;

4. The algorithm is sophisticated: It has a variety of spectral matching and identification algorithms, such as HQI and characteristic peak matching, to meet the needs of a variety of application scenarios.;

5. Mixture recognition: Optimized automatic mixing analysis algorithm can effectively identify the mixture;

6. Diverse modes: multiple measurement modes-quick inspection mode and fine inspection mode, etc., making detection more flexible;

7. Real-time storage: with real-time data storage, retrieval, export and other functions;

8. Real-time positioning: With GPS positioning function, it can locate the location of the instrument in real time;

9. Remote operation and control: It can upload data to the back-end system in various ways for centralized management, realizing remote status monitoring, result checking, fault diagnosis, instrument control and other functions;

11. Diversified communication: Wifi, Bluetooth, GPRS and other communication methods;

12. Powerful substance library: The substance library contains more than 1,000 common drugs, toxic and hazardous substances, and can support real-time update and expansion according to customer requirements;

13. Cloud operation: support cloud retrieval and cloud data management.


Size: 180mm*95mm*38mm

Weight: 700g

Input interface: Micro USB

Spectral range: 785nm: 200 cm-1~3200cm-1

830nm: 200 cm-1~2500 cm-1

Wavelength resolution: 7cm-1@10um Slit

10cm-1@25um Slit

15cm-1@50um Slit

Excitation wavelength: 785±0.5nm, line width <0.08nm

830±0.5nm, line width0.08nm


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