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AT5030Y, Needle Detector

For defective and flaws detection
  • AT5030Y
  • Safeway System

Basic parameters

Tunnel size: 500mm (width) * 301mm (height)

Conveyor speed 0.22m/s

Maximum load capacity 5kg

Penetration power greater than 10mm steel plate

Line resolution Φ0.0787mm wire

Penetration resolution Φ0.202mm wire

Spatial resolution level: Φ1.0mm, vertical: Φ1.0mm

Radiation safety

Single inspection dose less than 2.1μGy

The leaked radiation dose rate is less than 0.3μGy/h (testing anywhere 5cm away from the outer surface of the equipment meets and is better than domestic and foreign health and safety standards)

Efficient radiation protection Adopt double-layer staggered, wear-resistant, strong lead curtain, and super thick 2-5mm lead plate to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment

X-ray generator

Digital interface Tube voltage 30-80KV (adjustable), current 0.3-3mA (adjustable)

Cooling/working cycle Sealed oil cooling/100%

Equipment function

Image processing functions: black and white, local increase, super increase, edge enhancement, gray sweep, reverse color, high penetration, low penetration, brightening, darkening, zoom in/out, pull back/forward pull

System function power-on self-check, multi-level user management, image management, curve diagnosis, system equipment information, 1-16 times stepless zoom, clear channel reminder, equipment information query, fast language switch, U disk upgrade software, one-key calibration, One-button shutdown, smart roller (optional)

Structural design

The frame incorporates advanced industrial design concepts, rust-proof, anti-corrosion, and cable damage-proof, solemn and stable

Anti-pinch device The unique anti-pinch design under the belt at the entrance and exit of the channel is safe and reliable

Humanized design Professional keyboard, ergonomic design, convenient and comfortable to use

High-quality belt High-strength polyester silk woven 1.2mm green PVC rubber belt, with better lateral stability

Installation data

Dimensions (without receiving rack) 1352mm (length) * 680mm (width) * 1211.5mm (height)

Working temperature/humidity 5℃~45℃/0%~90% (non-condensing)

Storage temperature/humidity -20℃~60℃/10%~90% (non-condensing)

Working power supply AC 220V (±10%) 50±3Hz

Power loss 0.3KW

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