1. Product Introduction

The AT350 high-flow thermal imaging body temperature screening system produced by Shenzhen Tianhe Times Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-precision thermal imaging body temperature screening system that can measure the temperature of the target object online in real time, output thermal image video, and view overtemperature situation. With different supporting platform software, it is suitable for human body temperature measurement and screening.

The USB one-line installation method is used to complete the power supply and data transmission through a USB line, which can easily achieve rapid deployment. The customer can perform temperature compensation according to changes in the environment at the deployment site, without the need for continuous calibration by the blackbody, and the error accuracy can be guaranteed within 0.5℃.

Large flow thermal imaging temperature screening system:

At the same time, infrared and low-light technology are used to image at different wavelengths, and the two-dimensional geometric space and one-dimensional spectral information of the target are simultaneously detected, and then a certain image processing algorithm is used to analyze and process the multi-band images to make full use of various channels The useful information in the composite image.

Adopting the "large flow thermal imaging temperature screening system can efficiently check and make people pass quickly and orderly, and will not affect the normal personnel entry and exit because of the epidemic control, which can effectively prevent the epidemic and not affect the normal work and life.

"High-flow thermal imaging temperature screening system has the characteristics of "non-contact detection, high-precision temperature screening, abnormal temperature warning". Within 3 meters, it can quickly detect the temperature of people entering and exiting in a non-contact way, and the system measures the temperature The accuracy reaches ±0.5 degrees and the sensitivity is 0.1 degrees. When someone’s body temperature exceeds the alarm temperature threshold, if there is a suspected fever, the device will alarm to remind the personnel to carry out further inspections. The original close-range, contact temperature measurement has been changed Means.

The successful application of the large-flow thermal imaging body temperature screening system meets the needs of accurate temperature measurement for high-density people in public places and improves the efficiency of investigation. In particular, the epidemic prevention and control has entered a critical period, and the wave of rework is coming. It is necessary to prevent the epidemic and restore the economy. It is a very important task to use infrared thermal imaging for body temperature screening.

Advantages of large flow thermal imaging temperature screening system:

It uses infrared and low-light fusion, combining the advantages of infrared and low light, making the imager higher resolution, the monomer is easier to be identified, and solves the defect that single infrared cannot pass through the glass, and can maintain high clarity .

Disadvantages of existing thermal imaging products:

·  The price is too high: every tens of thousands of yuan, various enterprises and institutions across the country, schools, hotels, construction sites, restaurants, etc., can not afford high-priced thermal imaging products.

·  Insufficient intelligence: Infrared cannot recognize human faces and find people with high temperature. Once the people leave, they cannot be traced back.

·  High equipment requirements: Both personnel identification and human body identification require high-resolution thermal imaging products, which also causes a rise in costs and is not conducive to use in some small and medium-sized people flow places.

·  The temperature is not accurate enough: the temperature is not accurate enough, and it is necessary to increase the black body temperature correction and the false positives and other defects.

In response to such shortcomings, a combination of low light and thermal imaging has been used to develop a large-flow thermal imaging temperature screening system that can directly target low-traffic enterprises, institutions, hotels, hotels, and schools.

2. Product features

The product concept is based on the latest requirements of the current domestic and foreign markets for thermal imaging in terms of product performance, light weight of structure, cost and intelligence, product stability, etc., using advanced fusion technology to establish an international leading level of linkage intelligent algorithm technology, products Represents the latest requirements in the market and future consumer trends in the market.

·  PC-free temperature measurement can be adopted, there are two modes of PC temperature measurement, to minimize on-site installation

·  Visible light and infrared dual simultaneous human body detection, visible light to identify human face and human body, infrared for accurate forehead positioning and temperature measurement

·  Large flow thermal imaging body temperature screening system supports 320*240 resolution

·  Visible light and infrared can delimit different areas simultaneously

·  Image output mode: connect to computer or mobile phone via Ethernet or WIFI

·  Support face recognition, human body recognition

·  Intelligent positioning personnel forehead temperature, accuracy error is less than 0.5°C

·  If the temperature exceeds the limit, local alarm can be given, and the data confirming the fever can be uploaded to the command center

·  The product has the following interfaces:

·  Secondary temperature calibration software, according to different regional environment, the customer can conduct on-site secondary calibration and temperature calibration by the customer

·  Visible and infrared photos can be automatically taken and archived for people with high body temperature for easy traceability

·  For temperature measurement information, it can be reported to the government statistical center in real time, so as to quickly understand the information

3. Connection networking

PC connection mode: PC connection mode, you can connect the device to the computer through a standard network cable, through the software to achieve real-time browsing and temperature measurement process on the computer, and also equipped with external sound and light alarm (customer self-provision) alarm sound

4. Brief description of software functions

The client is mainly Windows (compatible with LINUX system). The system uses a special infrared thermal imaging temperature screening instrument as the main front-end tool. The front end is specifically calibrated for the human body temperature measurement interval, which can adapt to various application environments of human health inspection, and can effectively perform high-precision temperature recognition for the human body temperature distribution interval, and is particularly suitable for various personnel gathering areas and public places. Situation management.

Core functions: automatic temperature measurement, style selection, early warning settings, high and low temperature alarms, temperature compensation, etc. The integrated client includes special human body temperature measurement and control software and a portable system platform, which can be quickly and conveniently deployed in various application places

5. Other extensibility of the product

The large-flow thermal imaging temperature screening system can also be extended to many other aspects. For example, an attendance system can be added for personnel and attendance personnel who need personnel, such as companies and factories. . You can add a cloud platform, for example, you can integrate multiple regions into one cloud platform, and you can see the whole situation anywhere, anytime. Other extensions such as daily flow statistics can also be carried out.

6. Device configuration

1-Large flow thermal imaging body temperature screening instrument

2-Tripod bracket

3- Screening management platform

4- Product manual.

5-Computer monitor (optional)

Product Data

Resolution 320x240

Working band 8~14um

Frame rate 9Hz

NETD [email protected]

Field of view: horizontal 34.4, vertical 25.8

Lens 6.5mm

Temperature measurement range: 1°C~120℃

Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.5℃ (indoor)

Temperature measurement: temperature measurement area can be set, the center point can be set

Swatches: enhanced iron red, white hot, black hot, iron red, rainbow, red hot, cold blue, etc.

Interface: Standard Micro USB 2.0 power supply and data transmission

Visible light: 1024*720

Language: Simplified Chinese

Working temperature: -20°C~+60°C (According to the requirements of accurate temperature measurement of human body, it is recommended to be the best in the environment temperature of 10-30 degrees)

Storage temperature: -40°C~+85°C

Waterproof and dustproof: IP54

Product size: 129mm x 73mm x 61mm (length x width x height)

Net weight: 295g

Picture storage: BMP format

Installation: Use standard tripod installation or gimbal lifting.

Temperature display: High temperature tracking in the measurement area can be set, and the center temperature can be measured at a fixed point

Alarm: Support the temperature alarm exceeding the set threshold (both high and low temperature), can be sound alarm, at the same time capture and store the photo of the alarm.

Picture frame temperature measurement: Support picture frame temperature measurement, set temperature measurement separately according to different access channels of personnel

Temperature compensation: According to the different environment, the staff set the temperature compensation by themselves.

Photograph: open manual photograph, alarm automatically photograph

Internet cloud upload: need to be customized according to different cloud needs

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